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More Zebras on Bank Street

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Bank-at-Aylmer-SNeill-photoYou may have noticed a new set of zebra stripes at the intersection of Bank and Aylmer!

This traffic calming and pedestrian safety measure is the result of consultations with the City and OSCA’S Traffic and Safety Committee.  It is one of the many recommendations resulting from our Traffic Survey of 2013.

Bank and Aylmer is a dangerous intersection for a number of reasons: a hidden intersection to southbound traffic coming off the bridge, the difficult intersection at Echo and Bank with the exit/entrance of the Library parking lot, Colonel By’s hidden ramp directly opposite Echo and the traffic lights at Aylmer which seem to take forever to change.

The new zebra stripes have made the intersection more visible and drivers no longer need to wonder where the stop line for the lights really is. Pedestrians hopefully feel safer as more control is brought to this intersection. Stay tuned.

Other zebra stripes can be found at Bank and Sunnyside, Bank and Glen, plus Bank and Cameron.

Our thanks to Phil Landry and his team (with a special thank you to Suzanne Woo) at the City of Ottawa for their co-operation on this project.

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