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Slow Down for Us!

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slow down for usFollowing the City of Ottawa's Safer Roads Program presentation at the Firehall this past winter, we are pleased to announce that the Safer Road Signs have finally arrived! There are 50 in total, with English on one side and French on the other.

The City loans these signs to communities for three months whereupon the signs are returned and the City delivers them to another community. The signs are popular and there is a waiting list. However, we will do our best to keep these signs in OOS for the start of the school year, hopefully until the end of September. Since the signs are on loan and must be returned to the City, we will be making every effort to keep track of their location.

slow down for us!Suggested locations to date are: Riverdale & Echo/Avenue Rd, Riverdale & Sunnyside, Riverdale at Windsor Park, Riverdale & Bank (NB entrance to OOS), Bank & Belmont, Bank & Sunnyside, the Firehall on Sunnyside, Bank & Aylmer (SB entrance to OOS), Aylmer near Barton & Seneca.

We would like to spread these signs throughout the neighbourhood and at key entry points. Locations for the West of Bank include the following: Sunnyside & Bronson, Sunnyside & Seneca, Sunnyside & Grosvenor, Seneca at Brewer Park.

The OSCA Traffic and Safety Committee needs your help to identify key locations in OOS where the signs might help slow traffic and keep children safe. Your suggestions and/or comments are welcome. Contact us: traffic@oldottawasouth.ca

If a Safer Roads Sign has been placed near your home, and if for any reason you have problems with its placement, please contact traffic@oldottawasouth.ca

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