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Speed Humps on Ossington Avenue

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I've heard from a number of residents who are concerned about the speed of traffic on Ossington St. Based on staff recommendations, I'm proposing to install two speed humps along Ossington between Bank and Grosvenor. After considering several spots, City staff identified 9/12 Ossington and at 18/19 Ossington as the most suitable locations.

Expected benefits 

  • Reduced speed
  • Reduced collision frequency and severity
  • Improved walking and cycling environment
  • Promote livable community

Potential disadvantages

  • May cause delays for emergency vehicles
  • Can be uncomfortable to vehicle occupants with certain disabilities
  • May slightly increase noise levels (braking and acceleration) and vibration

I'm asking for feedback to confirm whether or not residents are in support of this initiative. Please email or call my office at 613-580-2487 with your comments by Aug. 31, 2015. The speed humps will be funded through the current sewer replacement program and could be installed as early as November 2015.

Why Here?

In response to the inevitable question from other residents of “why not speed humps on my block?” the answer is two-fold. Local studies show that speeding is often perceived rather than real on most blocks. Secondly, ad-hoc construction of speed humps (as opposed to incorporating them as part of a broader road renewal project) is very expensive. I work with city staff to focus limited traffic safety money where the need is proven and where we can do so as efficiently as possible. But I am always open to looking at how best to calm traffic on any street.

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Note that Ossington Avenue from Grosvenor Avenue to Bank Street will be closed from Monday, 17 August 2015 to Sunday, 15 November 2015 for road construction.

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