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Traffic Calming Measures on Aylmer Avenue

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After some feedback from both the OSCA Traffic & Safety Committee and the community regarding speeds, the City of Ottawa will be implemented flex-staked traffic calming on Aylmer Avenue from Barton Street west to Bronson Place. For specifics of the plan, please see this map of the street.

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Installation should be in the 4-6 week time-frame, that is, by early August 2016. If this installation proves effective at reducing speeds on Aylmer we can opt to continue this approach in upcoming years. If speeds to continue to be a concern the City can investigate other options moving forward.

Should you have any questions or concerns on this initiative, please feel free to let Councillor Chernushenko know.

As part of longer-term planning for Aylmer Avenue we will be dispatching a speed display board on the street in late 2016 to monitor both traffic speed and volumes, for a period of up to 8 months. We will use the results to help guide appropriate future traffic calming measures for this corridor.

Note that the current speed limit on Aylmer Avenue is 50km/h. All residential streets in Ottawa are 50km/h unless posted otherwise. As we are aware that 50km/h is likely too high for this street, the flex-stakes being installed will have no speed indicator on them and will act as an impediment in the roadway to slow cars down. The flex-stakes come down in the winter to allow for snow clearing operations.

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