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Colonel By Drive Crossing at Avenue Road

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Echo Drive stairs  20170119 snThose wanting to access the canal skateway from the stairs at Echo Drive/Avenue Road have been facing an obstacle, namely the stairway closure including concrete barriers at the bottom of the stairs prohibiting easy crossing of Colonel By Drive.

There is a promise to fix this — an update from Ian Grabina from the office of Councillor David Chernushenko:

There has been, as there is every year, concern about the safety of crossing the canal at the base of the Avenue Road / Pig Island stairs while the canal skateway is open. This year the situation has been further complicated with jersey barriers having been installed at the base of the stairs as part of the construction set-up for the canal wall repairs.

After flagging our concerns to Parks Canada, we have reached what I think will be an agreeable plan for the skateway season. The staircase at Avenue road will be opened (and maintained) with the left-side jersey barrier at the base of the stairs removed and a temporary crossing put in place. This will only be for the duration of the skating season. At the end of the skate season, everything will be returned as it was previously.

CBD crossing at stairs

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