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Rideau Canal Walls: Update Spring 2017 on Ongoing Work

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Work to repair the Rideau Canal walls between Bank Street and Pig Island along the eastern shoreline began in December 2016 and has been progressing on schedule. After a work platform was installed along the site, the contractor began the demolition work associated with this project—removing the old guard rails and chipping away damaged concrete from both the face and top of the wall.  

During the week of February 20th 2017, reinforcements and form work began to be put in place to ready the site for the new concrete.  The concrete will begin to be poured and placed in early March. The project to repair this section of the Rideau Canal Walls in downtown Ottawa is on schedule to be completed by Spring 2017.  The in water work should be completed by April with the shoreline and trail work to follow.  

Reminder to Drivers Using Colonel By Drive

As a result of the ongoing construction work on the Rideau Canal Walls between Bank St and Pig Island a section of Colonel By Drive has been temporarily narrowed.  A traffic management plan has been put in place that includes a speed limit reduction in this area to 40 km/hr.  This reduction has been made out of a concern for the safety of workers on site and of other drivers on the road.  All drivers should ensure that they comply with posted speed limits and always consider road conditions and weather to avoid putting themselves and others at risk.

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