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Becoming a Member of the OSCA Board of Directors or a Committee

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Would you like to help OSCA by becoming a member of the Board or a Committee?

The Process

January, February and March are recruitment months for positions on the OSCA Board of Directors and its committees. The start of the recruitment period is advertised in the OSCAR and the weekly e-newsletter, on the OSCA website, through social media, by posters and by word-of-mouth.

Residents of Old Ottawa South can indicate their interest in becoming involved on the Board or on a specific committee by contacting nominations@oldottawasouth.ca and submitting a “slim cv". An interview will follow, usually with two or more members of the Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC) or a Committee Chair to answer questions and discuss suitability for a particular position.

Candidates for Board positions must be formally nominated. Download the nomination form.

In the case of the Board, elections occur at the Annual General Meeting. Normally, there are six Board members (of 18) elected each year for a three year term. 

Candidates for Board positions have been vetted by the NEC and the current Board but the ultimate decision rests with the OSCA Membership.

In the case of vacant positions between AGMs, the Board has the authority, through the By-laws, to appoint members. The appointment of these Board members must be ratified by the next AGM.

Committee Chairs must be OSCA Board members and are appointed by the Board. Committee Chairs are able to appoint their committee members.  Committees are responsible to the Board.

What to expect as a Board Member

The Board meets the third Tuesday of every month at 7:30 pm at the Old Ottawa South Community Centre (the Old Firehall at 260 Sunnyside Avenue). Depending on workload, the Board may not meet in July and/or August.

In general, Board members must commit to one Board meeting monthly in addition to sitting on a committee/subcommittee/project group as an active member.

A board meeting package is sent to all Board members on the Thursday prior to the Tuesday meeting. In the package are an agenda, summary reports and decision items which Board members are expected to read and think about in order to be prepared for the monthly Board meeting. 

The preparation for board meetings can usually be done in about 45 minutes.

For further information, contact nominations@oldottawasouth.ca.

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