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Kenny. Photo by Susan Jahudka.
Kenny. Photo by Susan Jahudka.

The Responsibilities of Pet Ownership in an Off-Leash Dog Park: A Windsor Park Story

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Anyone living in Old Ottawa South will appreciate the privilege of having an off-leash dog park. There’s nothing like the freedom to run, sniff, play, and to swim without a leash holding you back! As a pet owner, my little Kenny has enjoyed this privilege since we moved into the neighborhood in the spring of 2017. With this freedom comes pet-owner responsibility, to ensure your dog can be controlled and will not harm other dogs or humans. This includes the responsibility to train your dog especially if your dog is not friendly or is aggressive towards other dogs or humans; otherwise, stay away from an off-leash dog park or muzzle your dog.

Sadly, Kenny was the victim of an attack on December 28, 2018 at around 4:00 pm in Windsor Park. The terrible incident happened at the top of the toboggan hill by a dog not seen in the park before. Kenny was lucky that he only lost one eye in the attack and he is still able to enjoy a happy life. He is also still very trusting and very cute so the attack has not changed his personality.

Windsor Park dog owners have a sense of community that I have not seen anywhere else. Everyone is friendly, and although they may not always know your name, they will almost always know your dog’s name! I cannot say enough good things about the sense of community that I felt during this difficult time. Everyone has come together to support Kenny and I; subsequently, he is receiving tons of love and treats as everyone is happy to see him running around again!! Kenny has become somewhat of a hero in the park as he has overcome this potentially very dangerous attack. One dog owner started a Go Fund Me page and I am extremely grateful for all the people who generously contributed to help with the vet bill.

I am appalled to report that the attacking dog’s owner did not offer any apologies nor did they try to help in any way. I can say the following regarding the attacking dog’s owner: She had two children tobogganing with her; she was a Caucasian brunette; she was in her late 30s; she was wearing a purple coat and her two children were under ten, one of which was a toddler.

The dog was a short-haired blonde mix approximately 70 to 80 pounds with pointy ears. The owner was also very vocal about her dog not liking other dogs. I realize that this might have been a visiting family during the holidays and I may never find the owner. Furthermore, the owner may not even know how much damage their dog did, but I sure would like to let them know. If anyone has any information that may help in identifying the owner and dog, please contact me, Susan Jahudka, at 613-808-1745.

Originally published in the February 2019 OSCAR.

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