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“Less Plastics, More Life” Campaign

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In a society fortunate enough to have potable tap water and many choices in terms of container selection, disposable plastic water bottles and other single-use plastics may be something we can choose to live without.  Please read this message from the Ottawa Water Study Action Group and email the Mayor and your Councillor if you support the initiative.

The Ottawa Water Study Action Group is looking for your support to ban single-use plastics from municipal buildings. In recent months we have made great progress in our “Less Plastics, More Life” campaign. A motion is being tabled at City Council on June 26, 2019 that would accomplish one of our important aims and we need your help to see it through.

The motion being tabled is that:  ... the Solid Waste Master Plan will incorporate the elimination of single-use and foamed plastics in City programs and services where there is an environmentally responsible alternative, [and the City will begin] a review of all policies, programs and practices with respect to using green materials, green procurement and circular economy principles. The text of the full motion found here on the City of Ottawa's website.

To help get this motion passed you can write a letter to your city Councillor (see the letter template here). Personalize your letter by adding your street address in the introduction and say why you care. Then send it off.

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