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Old Ottawa South Garden Club 2019-2020 Season

Old Ottawa South Garden Club 2019-2020 Season

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Welcome to the 25th anniversary year of the Old Ottawa South Garden Club.  Attached is a copy of our exciting program for 2019-20.

We encourage members to register for the season online at: www.oldottawasouth.ca.
Click on "Register for Programs" and enter the following barcode: "GCM1920" (family members can be added as an option) or enter "garden" in the search field.
If you plan to register at the meeting, please try to arrive twenty minutes earlier to complete the registration process. Let the front desk know that drop-in registrations should be made under the Garden Club Profile.

Twenty-Fifth Anniversary
The Old Ottawa South Garden Club was started in the fall of 1994 and, over the intervening twenty-five years, the club has organized monthly meetings, workshops, garden tours, garden and photographic competitions, and volunteer gardening. We are planning to mark the anniversary with a celebration in June 2020.

Gardening Calendar
There is a great new resource for gardeners in the Ottawa area-the Gardening Calendar (www.gardeningCalendar.ca).  Not only does it list upcoming events of interest to gardeners but also lists posts from contributors and reports of meetings from various gardening clubs in the area (including our own). 

Don't forget to look out for reports and pictures of our meetings in OSCAR - our community newspaper (www.oldottawasouth.ca/oscar).

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