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Synchronicity in the Park
Jo Hauser, son of Daphne Hauser, sits on the Hauser memorial bench on Osborne Street, off Cameron Street, near the Rideau River.

Synchronicity in the Park

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Osborne Street in Old Ottawa South has a lovely park that runs midway down Osborne to the banks of the Rideau River. It is a small park, too small really for a field house or recreational facility, but just the right size for neighbours to share a common green space.

You can often see people playing with their dogs. Children are drawn to the park to enjoy their doggie friends and owners. It has just the right amount of grassy open space to play tag or kick a soccer ball, and just the right amount of big trees to play hide-and-seek. No cars drive by since Osborne Street ends at the river.

In warm weather there are all sorts of watercraft to watch, from standup paddleboards to canoes, kayaks and small fishing dinghies. What more could anyone wish for in a park?

Well, a place to sit is the most obvious answer. We found ourselves asking, “What is a park without a bench?” For anyone who just wants to sit in a park this was a serious omission. Hence, the beginning of our park bench project.

In October 2015, Jo Hauser (a resident on Osborne Street) proposed to the City that if they would install a bench, his mother Daphne, a forty-year resident of Osborne Street, would be happy to contribute the funds.

Daphne Hauser would not be able to enjoy it personally because for the last 8 years she was a resident at the Perley Rideau Veterans Health Center with Alzheimer’s disease. However, Daphne would be there in the memories of those who knew her in the neighbourhood. And so the plans for a memorial bench began.

This past spring there was much activity in the park as one the main criteria for installing a bench was completed: the creation of a walkway to accommodate the disabled. The Hauser family was very excited to see the path and platform for the bench created. The summer passed, however, and no bench appeared. Snow came early in November and it looked like the bench would not appear this year.

On the morning of November 28, 2019, Daphne Hauser moved on to her afterlife. At the moment when she was drawing her final breath the City crew arrived at Osborne Park and the bench was installed.

Daphne’s family is thrilled to share this memorial to a wonderful woman who gave so much to her community. The commemorative plaque dedicates the bench to her husband Gordon and son Tony who also lived in the family home on Osborne Street and are fondly remembered by many in the community.

Memorial Plaque

Relax and enjoy this lovely park!

Détendez-Vous et profitez de ce charmant parc!

The Hauser Family/La famille Hauser

Daphne, Gordon and Tony

Long time Osborne Street residents / Residents de long date de la rue Osborne

“Welcome to my world” Tony / “Bienvenue dans mon univers!” Tony

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