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OSCA is Changing its Online Registration System

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We are excited to announce that we will soon be partnering with Amilia — a Canadian online registration software provider — to replace our current registration system.


As OSCA has continued to grow, our needs in terms of a registration system, especially with a small team, have changed. In addition, we have also taken note of feedback provided by our clients, who have asked for a simpler system and experience. We thank you for your patience and support throughout, as we launched a new registration system in 2015 and as we are getting ready to make an exciting change once again.

Over the past few years, we have observed some significant changes to the kinds of registration systems that are available for recreational organizations such as ours. Observing these changes made us realize that we have been in need of a more intuitive system, geared toward small businesses and organizations that operate with a small team and a hands-on approach to working with clients.

After a thorough review and evaluation of several viable systems, staff recommended to the Board that we switch our registration system to Montreal-based Amilia. The Board followed staff’s recommendation and unanimously approved the change. By the time you read this, the contract will have been signed and we will have begun preparations to facilitate a smooth transition. We have also put together a comprehensive timeline to prepare both staff, instructors, and clients for the upcoming change.

This year’s Fall registration will mark the launch of the new system.

Over the next few weeks and months, we will keep you informed as we move through the phases of transition. During the next few months OSCA and City staff will receive hands-on training with Amilia. Once we become more familiar with the new system we will begin building our program database.

In June, we will begin the process of opening the system to the public, allowing clients to create their accounts and, if needed, family profiles. For those clients requiring assistance, we will be hosting in-person account creation sessions in July. In addition, staff will also prepare step-by-step “how-to” guides, both for the account creation and for the program registration process.

We have also created an FAQ document where we have tried to address some of the questions we anticipate you might have and we will continue to add information there if/when we receive more questions from our clients. This document can be found here: https://oldottawasouth.ca/amilia-faq

We are very excited about this transition and we are confident that once we have made the switch, we will be able to continue providing great service and create an even more satisfactory experience for both clients and staff!

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