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Richard Slowikowski - OSCA President
Richard Slowikowski - OSCA President

Turning the Corner... OSCA President's Report

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Did you have a chance to read OSCA President Richard Slowikowski's report in the March OSCAR? It's full of interesting information about some recent and upcoming changes at OSCA, so we reproduced it here:


March. March is the month where we turn the corner. The winter is basically over. The clock springs forward. Spring equinox suddenly appears out of the dark. People start thinking about gardening and opening their cottage. And minds, energized by spring and all the potential that it represents, begin considering new opportunities for doing something that will make a difference. 

Hmmm… maybe there is something for you at OSCA?

In addition to all of the regular work OSCA does, over the past six months, OSCA has taken on a number of important initiatives. The following will give you a sense of some of these activities.


OSCA has done a complete review of its By-laws. That is a big job and it is linked to so many other operational issues. OSCA has come to the conclusion that it needs a permanent committee to oversee Governance on an ongoing basis. Topics such as the By-laws, the new Ontario laws for non-profit corporations, code of conduct, conflict of interest and fiduciary responsibility all require ongoing monitoring.

Human Resources Committee

Similarly, OSCA has decided to create a Human Resources (HR) Committee. A few years ago, OSCA put in effort to build HR policies and processes. The good news is that there is a reasonable foundation on which to build, however, HR requires regular attention.

Program Committee

OSCA’s Program Committee is undergoing a major overhaul. We are expanding the mandate of the Committee to provide needed support to our permanent staff and to focus on improving OSCA’s business planning. This is a lot of work and represents a big step forward in how OSCA does its business.

Nominations Committee

OSCA has also expanded the mandate of the Nominations Committee. It is now called the Nominations and Elections Committee and has responsibilities for the election process at OSCA’s AGM, identifying candidates for Community Builder Awards and identifying candidates for both Board and Committee positions.

Windsor Park Working Group

Many of you will know that OSCA has been working on the potential renovation of the Windsor Park facility. We have received positive feedback from the City and our Councillor, Shawn Menard, and we have already held one public consultation session. Based on this feedback, OSCA has established a Windsor Park Working Group to take on the job of refining the design, more consultation and then fundraising.

So, what is the missing magic sauce that will bring all of these projects to fruition?

OSCA needs people from our community to step-up and volunteer to help. If you have a few hours each month to volunteer for one of our committees, please help us out. Make a difference in your community.

Hmmm… does this sounds interesting to you? Please drop me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or please contact Christy Savage, OSCA’s Executive Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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