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Amilia Update

Amilia Update

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In the first week of March - which feels like a LOT longer than two months ago - we announced that OSCA will be changing its registration system for Fall registrations to Amilia:

“As OSCA has continued to grow, our needs in terms of a registration system, especially with a small team, have changed. In addition, we have also taken note of feedback provided by our clients, who have asked for a simpler system and experience. We thank you for your patience and support throughout, as we launched a new registration system in 2015 and as we are getting ready to make an exciting change once again.”

Obviously a lot has happened in the last two months and as we are sure you are aware, staff have been extremely busy. One of the more daunting tasks has been shifting some of our offerings into the digital realm, but our Virtual Spring Programs are now up and running! (And you can still register for these programs! Check out the guide here.)

In addition to these more visible efforts, we have been working very hard behind the scenes on a variety of things, including the transition to Amilia. Staff have begun weekly meetings to discuss the steps necessary to make the transition as smooth and successful as possible for staff and clients alike. Another big and exciting step we have made is starting back-end staff training that is vital in setting the foundation for a successful Amilia launch.

We will continue to provide regular updates about our transition to Amilia. Our goal is to begin to start inviting clients and residents to create your new accounts at the beginning of June. If you have any questions about our transition to our new registration system, check out our Amilia FAQ section: https://oldottawasouth.ca/amilia-faq or email Matt Mitchell, OSCA’s Administrative Coordinator at matt@oldotawasouth.ca.

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