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Reaching Seniors in Old Ottawa South - Meal Delivery Service

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Old Ottawa South's Trinity Anglican Church recently received a federal "New Horizons for Seniors" grant. With this grant - and in response to the restrictions experienced by seniors during the COVID pandemic - Trinity Anglican Church has created a new program called "Reaching Seniors in Old Ottawa South" (RSOOS). RSOOS is a partnership of professionals, local organizations, and volunteers, that is part of the Trinity Anglican Church neighbourhood hub. One of the first initiatives to come out of this RSOOS is a meal delivery program.

The meal delivery program is accessible to any seniors (65+) living in Old Ottawa South. Delivery takes place on Wednesdays and include two complete meals prepared by Epicuria. Meals can be ordered for one or two people, and the first order is FREE, courtesy of RSOOS and the New Horizons for Seniors grant. Delivery is organized by "Seniors for Seniors", an organization supporting seniors at home.

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