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860 Colonel By Drive - Potential Heritage Designation Under Review

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The Heritage professionals and City councillors that make up the Built Heritage Subcommittee of the City of Ottawa voted six to one yesterday to reject a staff report recommending that the 111 year-old home at 860 Colonel By Drive not be designated. The home is already on the Heritage Inventory List and part of the Heritage Overlay that covers the houses between the Bank and Bronson bridges along Colonel By Drive and front the NCC path there.

The staff report concluded that the home met the criteria for Part IV designation, though barely, and recommended that designation not be pursued. The members of the Built Heritage Subcommittee disagreed with that assessment. In doing so, they have granted the home a shot at designation. A very shortened deadline means that this case will be heard at tomorrow's - June 11 - Planning Committee virtual meeting. 

For more information, check out this article in The Ottawa Citizen, which includes reference to a July 2018 letter written on behalf of OSCA to the City of Ottawa's Committee of Adjustment regarding 860 Colonel By Drive.

UPDATE: The City of Ottawa's Planning Committee sided with City Staff and voted to NOT seek heritage designation for 860 Colonel By Drive, clearing the way for its demolition once it goes through Council: https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/planning-committee-backs-staff-in-refusing-heritage-protection-for-home-eyed-for-demolition

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