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Virtual Summer Camp Week Aug 4-6: Life in Balance

Virtual Summer Camp Week Aug 4-6: Life in Balance

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Our next Virtual Summer Camp is "Life in Balance"! The camp includes activities from Tuesday Aug 4 to Thursday Aug 6.

Activities include Balance Challenge, a Yoghurt, Fruit, & Granola Workshop, and Mind over Matter. Next week's Virtual Summer Camp schedule also include two more workshops by Indigo Girls: Fierce Conversations and Success & Failures

All of our Summer Virtual Programs are also in full swing and registration is ongoing! Almost all programs are offered on a "Pay What You Can" basis, making it easier to join a class already in progress.

Registering for our programs, workshops, and Virtual Summer Camps is super easy! Just go to our brand new registration system, browse all of our program offerings and register in a few easy clicks!

Almost all of our virtual programs, including our Virtual Summer Camps, are being offered on a "Pay What You Can" basis. Since the closure of the Firehall, OSCA has been operating on their strategic financial reserve, and contribution to the PWYC fund help ensure that we can continue to run virtual community programming. You can make a PWYC contribution upon checkout when you register for a program, or - if you want to contribute without registering - you can do so here: https://www.amilia.com/store/en/old-ottawa-south-community-association/shop/fundraising/607607. Your support is much appreciated!

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