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After 4 Update & Request for Feedback

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OSCA is launching its Fall Programs in four phases this autumn. We just launched our virtual online programming, and our next priority is After 4 programming. Once we launch After 4 we'll introduce onsite adult and preschool programming, and after that, we’ll be opening the Firehall Fitness Centre and the Pottery Studio.

We will have more details in the next few weeks. However, because we're excited and proud of what we will be offering, we did want to give you a brief heads up of what to expect. Our tentative start date for After 4 programming is September 14th. We still need to meet with the City of Ottawa and Ottawa Public Health and get their approvals of our proposal which is the reason for the tentative date.

We will be offering a much smaller hands-on After 4 Program with very high supervision ratios of 1:5 for the younger children up to 1:8 for older children up to grade 6. We wanted to ensure that we had appropriate oversight and care in place that is as good as or better than the standards being set by public health authorities. We understand that adjusting to a new normal will take time, moreover, it will require more care and effort on our part and on yours as parents. As such, our primary goal has been supporting staff so that they can support programs, families and the children who attend.

With smaller groups and higher supervision ratios not only will we be able to plan and implement a wide variety of new and exciting programming activities, but we will also be able to give children and families in our programs the care and attention that will be vital for all of us to thrive during what will be a challenging fall confronting the COVID-19 virus. If a child needs one on one care, they'll get it. If parents need time to talk to staff, they'll have that time and programming will not have to be compromised.

We estimate that we will start with approximately 55 spaces in September with room to grow in October by adding an additional 35 spaces at satellite locations throughout the community.

The program will consist of separate groups/cohorts that are structured around Hopewell School's cohort/group system, as well as family and bubble groups within the community. Some of our programming will also be offered online for no additional fee for current registrants; we're also planning to develop a program that supports families who decide to homeschool their children. We'll start small - 55 spaces in After 4 program - and will be reaching out to the community with more information by mid-September on potential further expansions depending on the demand.

As you are no doubt aware, this requires much planning.

In order to help guide our planning, we are reaching out to clients and residents ask them to take a few minutes to fill out a Google Form. If you are not sure of your plans for the Fall, or if you will need or consider After 4 care, that is important for us to know, so please fill in the form as best you can given your current plans: https://forms.gle/cGfkXkfJn9uZeGJN9 

Christy Savage
OSCA Executive Director

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