Old Ottawa South Community Association

Coming Soon: OSCA's AGM on Oct. 20, 2020

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The AGM has traditionally been a welcome opportunity to gather in the Firehall in the springtime as a community, hear what our OOS Community Association has been doing for us over the preceding year, and share ideas for the coming year.  Sadly, OSCA’s AGM was among the many things disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, nonetheless OSCA still has a legal obligation to hold an AGM.  Because of public distancing public health guidelines, and to keep attendees safe, OSCA will be holding a virtual AGM this year, using ZOOM platform.

OSCA is eager to share with the Old Ottawa South community the steps which have been taken and the plans made to ensure OSCA continues as a vibrant community association into the future.  Although OSCA was forced to close the Firehall and cancel most programming for six months, and even now can offer only minimal in-person programming, the Association continues to look ahead to the ways in which it can safely re-open and serve the OOS community.   Join the AGM to hear our plans and offer your comments.

All Members of Old Ottawa South Community Association (OSCA) are entitled to participate in and vote at the virtual AGM on Tuesday, October  20, 2020 starting at 7:30pm. OSCA membership is free, and is available to all adults who are residents of Old Ottawa South.  Your registration for the AGM will also be considered as your application for OSCA membership, if required.

Registration for the AGM is now open via the Amilia program on the OSCA website, and closes on October 16, 2020. You can register here.

If you are new to ZOOM, be assured that joining the meeting is as a simple as clicking the link in the invitation email to follow to registered participants.  More information will be available on the OSCA website.

If you cannot participate in the virtual meeting, but want to support OSCA’s legal obligations to hold an AGM, instead of completing the registration form, you are encouraged to submit a proxy, using the form which will be available on the OSCA website in a folder for the 2020 AGM – follow the link to Annual General Meetings in the Governance section.   

Please contribute an hour or so of your time on the evening of Tuesday October 20th to support your community association, as well as the volunteer board and committee members who operate it together with a dedicated staff.  The challenges imposed on OSCA by the pandemic have been significant, and knowing that OSCA has your interest and support would be invaluable. 

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