Old Ottawa South Community Association


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We’ve come a long way since March of last year! There is certainly a familiar (and at times frustrating) rhythm to COVID-19 restrictions but we continue to adapt, offering community programming when safe and possible under official health guidelines.

Our in-person After-4 program has been running since September 2020 and continues to grow as we become more confident and more knowledgeable about how to manage groups safely.  We are adapting to changing COVID-19 scenarios, developing in-person activities (especially for children) to explore and learn in an active, safe and fun setting, outside and inside.

Thank you for your support and generosity.  Whether it’s registering for a program or pledging your financial support on a monthly basis, every contribution counts. Monthly pledges add up over time and with many families pledging their support we can make sure that our community centre remains open in 2021.

How long will the Firehall require our support? It’s uncertain at this point in time: four months, six months, one year? Like many organizations we are struggling to develop a new business model, a different way of generating revenue. This will take patience, time and volunteer commitment. In the meantime we want to remain present in our community and work with you to adapt, imagine and create a different kind of future.

There’s a certain kind of magic to monthly pledging. If one thousand families/individuals contribute $30/month for 12 months, we could raise $360,000. By spreading the “power of giving” over larger numbers of families/individuals, each of our monthly contribution becomes more affordable, more possible and more rewarding.

Small to medium contributions from community is a grassroots fundraising strategy that builds on community. It represents your investment in your community. It makes the Firehall “ours.”

We need your support today! You can start by clicking here to make your initial donation.

There is no doubt in our minds that we can do this. Old Ottawa South has a proud history of building, reinforcing and defining its own particular brand of community. We can do it again.

Get in touch with us, let us know what you think. Tell us how we are doing over the next coming weeks and months. We are ready, willing and excited about working with you. We too are volunteers. If you want to get involved, contact us.

We will keep you up-to-date on our website and in OSCAR. Help us keep our community centre open. Help us reinvent ourselves. The community centre is OOS’s public forum. It’s yours; it’s ours.

Please donate – and be the hero that rescues Station No. 10, our Firehall, our community centre.

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