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Non-local Heavy Truck Traffic on Sunnyside Avenue

Non-local Heavy Truck Traffic on Sunnyside Avenue

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Have you been bothered by the increase in heavy truck traffic on Sunnyside Avenue over the years? Non-local heavy trucks continue to use Sunnyside Avenue despite regulations that prohibit this. Heavy trucks can use non-designated truck routes for local deliveries and servicing, but this is meant only as an exception. Their use on this narrow residential street interfere with day-to-day life, work and sleep. It increases the risk to pedestrians, cyclists, and students, parents and employees of Hopewell Public School.

These trucks are breaking the city’s by-law but unfortunately neither the city nor the police are doing anything about it. Unless they hear from the community, these trucks won’t stop themselves. Both the City of Ottawa and Ottawa Police recommend lodging complaints to bring the issue at the forefront. These complaints are compiled and analyzed to drive proactive enforcement.

Here’s where you can get your voice heard:

File a traffic complaint online at ottawapolice.ca/onlinereporting. Fill out all applicable fields. Reporting will help the Ottawa Police better allocate resources.

Write to Service Ottawa at 311@ottawa.ca or call at 3-1-1 (613-580-2400). The city collects these stats, so complaints help raise awareness to staff members and elected officials.

Sign the petition on change.org at www.change.org/StopHeavyTrucks_SunnysideAvenue. The petition will be sent to the City of Ottawa and Council.

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