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Photo by Brendan McCoy.
Photo by Brendan McCoy.

Tree-Urban Canopy Subgroup Takes Root

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On November 25, 2020, a new subgroup of the Enviro Crew of OOS – the Tree/Urban Canopy Subgroup – was formed when 16 motivated and talented residents of Old Ottawa South and beyond met virtually for the first time. Discussion covered the subgroup’s concept and vision, functions and roles, terms of reference and next steps, but the most inspiring part of the meeting was hearing about everyone’s interests and experiences. The diversity of skills, knowledge, and interest represented was very impressive and included: founding and operating charities, journalism and writing, studying impacts of trees on human health, environmental policy and planning, biology, landscape architecture, advocacy, community reforestation, and conducting tree censuses. Our collective passion for trees and forests and the many benefits they provide to individuals and society was very motivating, and there are high hopes for what this group of dedicated tree huggers can achieve together!

The subgroup’s main purpose is to be a catalyst for actions that will increase a healthy urban canopy in our neighbourhood and beyond, to mitigate local impacts of climate change and contribute to a healthy environment. We are still working out all the details of how we are going to organize ourselves, but one project idea is to have a column in OSCAR dedicated to issues related to our local trees and forest canopy. Some things we may cover are raising awareness around what residents can do to keep their trees healthy, keeping the community informed about what we are planning and have achieved, and promoting the subgroup’s activities and actions that residents are invited to participate in.

Watch for more from the Tree/Urban Canopy Subgroup in the coming months. If you are interested in joining the group or have a tree-related subject idea for an OSCAR article, please contact Mark Burgham at envirocrewoos@gmail.com.

Heather Martin is a resident of OOS and a senior landscape architect with the NCC.

Originally featured in the January 2021 OSCAR.

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