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Consider Contributing Your Skills  to OSCA !

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It’s that time of year again – time for OSCA, the Old Ottawa South Community Association, to start looking for residents of Old Ottawa South who are willing to step up and become a member of the Board or a Committee!

Like everyone, OSCA has had a tough year but the community association remains strong and ready to move forward in new and different ways.  It will be an interesting time for the Board and its Committees!  

Perhaps you would like to consider contributing your skills and enthusiasm for your community!

Here are a few facts about the OSCA Board and Committees:

  • The objective of OSCA is to promote the quality of life in the community of Old Ottawa South so that it is a pleasant, fulfilling and meaningful place to live.

  • The Board consists of 18 Directors. In principle, each Director is elected for a three year term. 

  • In the event of vacancies arising between AGMs, Board members are empowered by the By-laws to appoint new Board Members to fill vacant positions.  These appointments are then ratified at the next AGM.

  • Candidates for the Board must be members of OSCA. Adult residents of Old Ottawa South are eligible to become members and membership is free.

  • All Committee Chairs are members of the Board.  Committees include: Communications, Environment and Social Action, Finance, Governance, Human Resources, Nominations and Elections, Operations, Planning and Zoning, Seniors (SWOOS) and Traffic and Safety.  In addition, there are two Working Groups focused on Diversity and Inclusion and the Windsor Park facility respectively. 

  • This year, we are particularly looking for people who have experience in fundraising and people interested in researching and applying for grants. 

  • Board meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month at the Old Firehall and usually last about two hours.  Committee meetings are held in agreement with Committee members. During the pandemic, Board and Committee meetings have been held via Zoom as was the 2020 AGM in October.

  • Board and Committee members are expected to actively contribute!  Discussions at meetings are lively and respectful, and always undertaken with the objective of making OSCA and Old Ottawa South even better !

If you would like to consider letting your name stand for a position on the Board or a Committee, or find out more about OSCA, the Board and the Committees, please contact nominations@oldottawasouth.ca or info@oldottawasouth.ca.


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