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Photo by Shelley & Sean Kennedy.
Photo by Shelley & Sean Kennedy.

Birdhouses Galore

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“It started as a bit of a lark – birdhouses everywhere in our basement and a throw away comment of ‘hey, maybe people would want them for a donation to the Firehall?’ explained Shelley Kennedy.

“And now we have requests for 58 birdhouses! My husband Sean is astonished at the attention this has received.” The birdhouses are made from used skids or pallets collected from local businesses, a recycling hobby that Sean started to while away pandemic hours. The skids are not “treated” and are safe for our local birds. Aside from cross-country skiing, work and family the recycled birdhouses are filling in some of Sean’s creative play when “staying at home” is the best way to beat COVID-19.

“We also have more time these days to observe Old Ottawa South’s bird population,” says Shelley, “but we certainly do not have enough room in our backyard for the birdhouses that Sean is stockpiling in the basement.”

So Shelley decided to post a picture of Sean’s birdhouses on the Old Ottawa South Group Facebook page and asked for donations to the Firehall. The birdhouses come with a suggested donation of $10. “Many of our neighbours have ordered more than two and donated more than our $10 price tag. We are so impressed by the generosity of OOS,” says Shelley.

Although Shelley and Sean have offered delivery, pick-up from their front porch has worked well too. Shelley has asked donors to donate directly to the OSCA website at oldottawasouth.ca.

When you donate directly to the Save Our Firehall campaign, you receive a receipt almost immediately. You can forward this to Shelley or you can snap a picture of your donation and send it as proof of purchase.

“When our family was young, the Firehall had our backs. Sean and I travelled with our jobs and we needed community support. It’s our time to return that support and we are only too happy to lend a hand.” It’s been a pleasure for Shelly and Sean to make contact online with neighbours, friends and residents they haven’t yet met. “It’s not quite the same as in-person but it’s the best we have right now. We love OOS. It’s a great neighbourhood with a lot of great neighbours!”

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