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Garbage Collection Options Survey

Garbage Collection Options Survey

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The City of Ottawa is looking for feedback on the Solid Waste Master Plan, particularly options for curbside garbage collection. Between now and September 12, 2021 the City wants your input on three choices to divert more garbage:

  • Partial pay-as-you throw: Households would be allowed to place a set number of garbage items out for collection. Households with more than this limit would purchase garbage tags for each additional item. Recycling, organics, and leaf and yard waste would still be picked up without any tags and with no limits.

  • Reduced item limits: Households would set out a reduced number of garbage items for collection. Anything above the limit would not be collected.

  • Clear garbage bags with recycling and organics bans: Households would set out their garbage in clear bags. Recyclables and organic waste would not be permitted in the garbage.

Visit ottawa.ca/wasteplan to have your say. You can share your thoughts by completing a survey or participating in one of the online workshops.

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