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Ottawa's New Official Plan

Ottawa's New Official Plan

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Some sections of the final draft of the new Official Plan, which will help shape our community over the next 25 years, have been released. Its policies affect each and every one of us in Old Ottawa South, determining what is allowed to be built where.

Thanks to an incredible volume of input from our community and others, some things have changed since the first draft—the Transforming Overlay originally imposed on our neighbourhood has been removed and density requirements have been lowered and are now targets.

There are remaining issues that we must consider as we all strive to balance population growth with other needs. These include the need to protect and enhance the urban tree canopy, to address the impacts of climate change, the need to ensure the compatibility of new construction with existing neighbourhood character, and to address proposed policies allowing small businesses on all neighbourhood streets.

As well, a new overlay will affect residential areas on either side of Bank Street, Sunnyside, and to the east of Bronson, which has now been designated as a Mainstreet.

The released portions can be accessed at engage.ottawa.ca/the-new-official-plan 

The time window for comments once the full plan is released will be short as the plan will be heard by city committees on October 14, 2021. We will keep the community informed on next steps and when and how to provide comments.

Our input thus far has led to some positive changes. We must stay the course and continue to help tailor changes to our neighbourhood. Stay tuned for more information from OSCA P&Z  as we receive parts of the plan and review and assess its impacts on Old Ottawa South.




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