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Anna's gear gathering dust in the autumn of her life.
Anna's gear gathering dust in the autumn of her life.

The Ottawa Outdoor Gear Library

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In wintertime, until nine years ago, I used to love walking to and down the steps of the Colonel By Drive access and go for a skate on my beloved Dutch speed-skates. But now, two fractured hips and arms later, my fur-lined leather speed-skates are collecting dust and the same is happening with my cross-country skis.

It's hard to part with these friends that gave me so much joy and good memories. Money will not soften this loss, I only want a good home for my treasures. But nothing came along until a friend introduced me to a more satisfying, solution, The Ottawa Outdoor Gear Library!

This library wants to increase equity and for more people to enjoy the outdoors. The library supports the sharing economy and reduces waste. These are all values I support too and I'm sure many people in our community feel the same.

Please visit the Outdoor Gear Library website for more information and places to drop of your treasured but unused outdoor equipment. And please share this wonderful initiative with your network!

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