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Reminder: OSCA AGM Thurs. Nov. 25, 2021 via Zoom

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Important: You must pre-register to receive Zoom invitation details and AGM materials. Details below.

OSCA’s Annual General Meeting is more than a legal requirement. The AGM has traditionally been a welcome opportunity to gather in the Firehall in the springtime as a community, hear what our Old Ottawa South Community Association has been doing for us over the preceding year, and share ideas for the coming year. OSCA’s AGM is among the many things disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. Once again, organizing OSCA’s traditional in-person AGM has been complicated by health guidelines, government regulations and practical considerations, all relating to Covid-19.

Regardless of the pandemic, OSCA does have a legal obligation to hold an AGM. And OSCA’s Board of Directors and staff are eager to share with the OOS community the steps which have been taken and the plans made with a view to ensuring OSCA continues as a vibrant Community Association into the future. OSCA, led by its Staff and volunteers, and with the cooperation of the community, has been carefully manoeuvring through the pandemic and is in the process of safely re-opening for in-person programming. We are enthusiastic to share with members both our actions taken and our proposals for continuing to serve the OOS community in the future.

Holding our AGM is one important step along the way. But we need the support of the OOS community to make sure we achieve the quorum required for a legally valid AGM. Because of practical considerations (eg public distancing requirements), and to keep attendees safe, OSCA will be holding a virtual AGM again this year, using ZOOM platform. The meeting is scheduled for November 25, 2021 commencing at 7:30pm. This “Zoom” format means that some of the pre-meeting procedures we would normally carry out at the Firehall when attendees arrive for the meeting, instead must be taken care of in advance. It also means that OSCA needs to provide attendees in advance with an electronic invitation which will permit them to participate in the meeting. So it’s necessary to register for the AGM, using the Amilia platform which OSCA uses for all of its program registrations.

The AGM is open to all members of OSCA. Any adult who is a resident of Old Ottawa South can be an OSCA member. Currently, there is no membership charge, but you must apply (unless you are already a member). Your registration to participate in the AGM will also be considered an application for OSCA membership, if our records show that you are not already a member.

Because the AGM will be held virtually, on the ZOOM platform, you also must timely (preferably by November 18, 2021) pre-register for the AGM using the Amilia platform. This will permit OSCA to ensure in advance that we have a legal quorum for the meeting, as well as to send meeting registrants the details required for their participation and access to the AGM materials.

If you are new to ZOOM, note that joining the meeting is as a simple as clicking the link in the invitation email which will be sent to pre-registered participants. We request that you do this 10 minutes in advance of the meeting’s scheduled start; a slide show will entertain you prior to the meeting. You can also review frequently asked questions about joining ZOOM meetings here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/206175806-Frequently-asked-questions

Please contribute an hour or so of your time on the evening of November 25th to support your community association, as well as the dedicated staff, volunteer board, and committee members who operate it. The challenges imposed on OSCA by the pandemic have been significant, and knowing OSCA has your interest and support would be invaluable.

Register for the 2021 OSCA AGM.

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