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Brewer Park - Shoreline Rehabilitation Work

Brewer Park - Shoreline Rehabilitation Work

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As part of the Stage 2 O-Train South Extension project, Brewer Park is getting an upgrade to the shoreline that will benefit aquatic life and the community.

Construction crews will carve out a horseshoe-shaped section of land at Brewer Park to create an inlet and a small island, or embayment. This inlet will help offset the impacted shoreline at the site of the Rideau River Pedestrian Bridge, while helping to manage the flow of the river, mitigate flooding and create additional aquatic habitats. Stumps and roots of trees required to be removed for the installation of the Rideau River Pedestrian Bridge will be strategically placed in the river in order to create an improved aquatic habitat.

Work will begin on November 29 to December 23, 2021. This schedule may be subject to changes.

Construction of the abutments for the Rideau River Pedestrian Bridge encroach on the river’s path, requiring a compensation plan for loss of shoreline while supporting habitat management and river flow correction.

Please see the map for the location of the work area and pathway closure, located east of Bronson Avenue on the north side of the Rideau River.

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