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Snow Mole Volunteers, We Need Your Surveys!

Snow Mole Volunteers, We Need Your Surveys!

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Last year, Old Ottawa South submitted more Snow Mole questionnaires than any other neighbourhood in our city—can we do this again?

Winter has arrived and with it the slipping, sliding, and winter grippers to prevent falls. Will this annual bane ever get any better? The city staff report and proposal for upgrades to their Winter Maintenance Quality Standards (WMQS) has been finalised but unfortunately delayed for approval until the 2022-2023 budget. But the good news is that this year results of the Snow Mole audits will be shared with several city departments involved with public safety and accessibility as well as with Public Works, the Environmental Services Department responsible for snow clearing.

Snow Moles will have to be patient, persistent, and determined to continue submitting surveys until we have obtained safer and more accessible winter walking conditions. The new 2022 audit questionnaire (English/French) will be available online and on smart phones. Hard copies can be downloaded on the website of the Council on Aging (COA): www.coaottawa.ca/snowmoles

All members of our community need to do this—not only seniors, but also caregivers of young children, and people with mobility aids. Even able-bodied people can be hindered by challenging walking conditions caused by ice, (snow) windrows, and snow banks. Please take pictures of dangerous conditions and specify the location, date and time.

Old Ottawa South looks forward to seeing your completed questionnaire identify unsafe winter walking conditions in our community.

Anna Cuylits is a longtime resident of Old Ottawa South and co-chair of Senior Watch Old Ottawa South (SWOOS)

Featured in the January 2022 OSCAR.

Dangerous winter walking conditions on the Echo Drive ramp to Colonel By Drive from Bank St.
Photo provided by Anna Cuylits.

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