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LLeaP Early Fall session

LLeaP Early Fall session

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The Lifelong Learning Program (LLeaP) of Carleton University is offering three online lecture series, as well as three in-person art gallery series, for early Fall 2022.

Registration for the session, which will take place from September 12 to October 21, opens August 10, 2022, at 10am.

Online Lecture Series:

Art and Mythology: Classical Traditions with Dr. Eric Weichel
Behind the Headlines: Current News and World Events with Dr. Elliot Tepper
African American Music of the 1940s-1970s: Blues, R&B, Soul and Funk with Keith McCuaig

In-Person Gallery Series:

People, Places, Myths and Symbols: Viewing Art at the National Gallery with Maria Martin (two time-slots to choose from)
Muses & Makers: Women in Art with Angela Marcus

Full details are available on the LLeap website.

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