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After 4 Update - Limited Spaces Available

OSCA staff have been working hard with the Operations Committee and the Board to develop an operational plan to open After 4. After weeks of planning, we have a detailed plan that was recently approved by the Operations Committee, the OSCA Board, and the City of Ottawa. The operation plan follows all procedures and requirements set by Ottawa Public Health.

We are proud to announce that we welcomed our first cohort back to the Firehall on Wednesday, September 16th! If you would like to register for a spot, we urge you to do so as soon as possible, allowing us to create the next cohort(s).

We want to share some of the key changes we've made to the way we will be operating After 4 in the Fall:


After 4 Update & Request for Feedback

OSCA is launching its Fall Programs in four phases this autumn. We just launched our virtual online programming, and our next priority is After 4 programming. Once we launch After 4 we'll introduce onsite adult and preschool programming, and after that, we’ll be opening the Firehall Fitness Centre and the Pottery Studio.

We will have more details in the next few weeks. However, because we're excited and proud of what we will be offering, we did want to give you a brief heads up of what to expect. Our tentative start date for After 4 programming is September 14th. We still need to meet with the City of Ottawa and Ottawa Public Health and get their approvals of our proposal which is the reason for the tentative date.

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