Old Ottawa South Community Association

Bank & Sunyside. Photo by Kathy Krywicki.

Creativity on display in two neighbourhoods

Glebe Report and OSCAR showcase young artists

You can now see five fresh newspaper boxes on Bank Street in the Glebe and in Old Ottawa South, a collaboration between the Glebe Report and OSCAR to get their valued community papers out to readers who may not receive them at their doorstep, or who would like a copy to read while they sip their morning coffee at a favourite café – as many of us hope to be doing again soon.

Changes at the OSCAR

Changes at the OSCAR

Because of the pandemic, the next edition of the OSCAR will be a combined May-June issue. I took this decision in the light of the many pandemic closures and their effect on article submissions, advertising, and the challenges of distribution.


OSCAR Advertising Rates & Content Deadlines

The OSCAR receives no subsidies. The publication is funded entirely by advertising.

Content and advertising deadlines for 2020-2021 are as follows:

  • August 14 (September 2020 issue)
  • September 11 (October 2020 issue)
  • October 16 (November 2020 issue)
  • November 13 (December 2020 issue)
  • December 11 (January 2021 issue)
  • January 15 (February 2021 issue)
  • February 12 (March 2021 issue)
  • March 19 (April 2021 issue)
  • April 16 (May 2021 issue)
  • May 14 (June 2021 issue)
  • June 11 (July-August 2021 issue)
  • August 13 (September 2021 issue)

To place an ad in the OSCAR email the ad manager: oscarads@oldottawasouth.ca. Download our rate sheet below.

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