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Birdhouses and Fundraising Update

Last month we shared a story called “Birdhouses Galore” describing Shelley and Sean Kennedy’s stockpile of homemade birdhouses. It began as a hobby to while away the pandemic hours, but soon enough there were more birdhouses than any one backyard could possibly use. And so the Kennedys decided to fundraise for the Firehall, selling the birdhouses for $10/each on the Old Ottawa South Group Facebook page.

As of mid-April, 41 birdhouses have gone out the door to provide new homes for our feathered friends in OOS. Shelley and Sean continue to be impressed by the generosity of their neighbours. Donations from the “birdhouse lark” now total $825 – proof positive that no donation is too small and that every dollar counts.

Volunteers Stand Up!  Can You Hear Us Clapping?

Volunteers Stand Up! Can You Hear Us Clapping?

April 18-24 is National Volunteer Week. It’s time once again to say “thank you” with a big round of national applause and to recognize you locally for all that you do to enrich our communities. You, by your simple acts of kindness, encourage and nurture trust in people, trust in institutions, a sense of belonging, civic engagement at its best and a socially diverse and inclusive community.

The National Volunteer theme this year is “The Value of One, The Power of Many.” This simple mantra reflects upon the value of individual acts of kindness and how these small generous acts can grow into the power of many working together towards a common purpose.


Questions & Answers on OSCA's Save Our Firehall Campaign

The following article was printed in the March 2021 of the OSCAR. We have adapted the article for online reading, abbreviated where we could, and reorganized some of the information in response to some very helpful suggestions.

Save Our Firehall

In Response to Your Questions

Since launching OSCA’s fundraising campaign to Save Our Firehall, we have received a variety of messages by email and phone encouraging us, lending both moral and financial support. We thank you for this kindness and generosity.

City of Ottawa Draft Official Plan Feedback

City of Ottawa Draft Official Plan Feedback

You're encouraged to make your comments regarding the Draft Official Plan to the City of Ottawa. This is your chance to express views on the city's future growth. It's especially important to complete the feedback form on the select topics as presented as 'one-pagers' on the Engage Ottawa website. If you are opposed to the proposals as outlined, it's critical to state that explicitily in your comments.

OSCA's Planning & Zoning Committee has reviewed the draft OP extensively and has prepared this letter to the City of Ottawa with comments.


Discussion on the City of Ottawa's New Official Plan

Old Ottawa South and other inner urban areas are slated to provide housing for many of the 400,000 new residents expected in Ottawa over the 25-year term of the new Official Plan.

What will that look like? Where will we do it? How will we get there?  Join us to discuss these and other Official Plan issues.


Consider Contributing Your Skills  to OSCA !

It’s that time of year again – time for OSCA, the Old Ottawa South Community Association, to start looking for residents of Old Ottawa South who are willing to step up and become a member of the Board or a Committee!

Like everyone, OSCA has had a tough year but the community association remains strong and ready to move forward in new and different ways.  It will be an interesting time for the Board and its Committees!  


OSCA UPDATE on Windsor Park Fieldhouse Design Proposal and Online Survey of Community Views on the Proposal

In the January 2021 edition of The OSCAR, the OSCA Fieldhouse Working Group reported on progress with the proposed design and location of the Windsor Park Fieldhouse. Since the publication of the article Councillor Shawn Menard and OSCA met with local residents at Windsor Park. This meeting was ad hoc and in response to concerns expressed by residents about the proposed location and design of the Fieldhouse. Several of the issues raised are as follows:

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