Old Ottawa South Community Association

A New Addition to Linda Thom Park

Billings Plaque Just north of the Billings Bridge, on the west side of Bank Street, a new historical marker has been installed.

Sponsored by the Gloucester Historical Society, Association of Friends of the Billings Estate Museum, Gloucester Lions Club and Billings Bridge Shopping Centre, the plaque commemorates the 200th anniversary of the arrival in 1812 of pioneer settler Braddish Billings to the Ottawa area.

The official unveiling of the plaque to honour Braddish Billings took place Wednesday, August 21, 2013.


From the Archives: An Introduction to the Williams Family

Another installment from the Ottawa Citizen Old Time Stuff – Reminiscences of the Ottawa Early Days. Personages, Scenes and Incidents for Evening Citizen Readers – this time from August 11, 1923.

Who was the first on the site of Ottawa?

Among people who have not studied the subject there is a general impression that Nicolas Sparks was the first to occupy any part of the present site of metropolitan Ottawa. But such is not the case, as the evidence seems to show that several families ante-date Mr. Sparks. The Williams, Billings and Fairbairn families all apparently located between the Glebe and the Rideau River before Mr. Sparks starting farming on the Ottawa River front. According to Mr. Frank Williams, of Rideau Gardens, his grandfather, Lewis Williams, came to the site of Ottawa from Cardiff, Wales, in 1817, and actually “squatted” for a while in Upper Town on the site afterwards bought by Mr. Sparks.


From the Archives: The History of Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach OttawaIn 1946,  Evening Citizen Staff Writer Cameron James relates the “mostly incidental” story of the Brighton Beach Aquatic Club of Ottawa South. From the Ottawa Citizen August 10, 1946:

When members of the Ottawa South Community Association decided to develop Brighton Beach about 25 years ago, it was intended to have it principally as a bathing spot for the younger people of that section of Ottawa South, east of Bank street. Now it is the most popular bathing rendezvous in Ottawa for people from all parts of the city. On a recent Sunday, as many as 3000 persons visited the beach.

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