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Snow Mole Volunteers, We Need Your Surveys!

Snow Mole Volunteers, We Need Your Surveys!

Last year, Old Ottawa South submitted more Snow Mole questionnaires than any other neighbourhood in our city—can we do this again?

Winter has arrived and with it the slipping, sliding, and winter grippers to prevent falls. Will this annual bane ever get any better? The city staff report and proposal for upgrades to their Winter Maintenance Quality Standards (WMQS) has been finalised but unfortunately delayed for approval until the 2022-2023 budget. But the good news is that this year results of the Snow Mole audits will be shared with several city departments involved with public safety and accessibility as well as with Public Works, the Environmental Services Department responsible for snow clearing.

Mikael, down in the pit directing the digger around a gas line, with Moon on back up.

Willard Water and Sewer Construction Chemistry

As I watched the operation of this small crew of five construction workers do their thing earlier this summer — replacing water and sewer lines on Willard Street — I was impressed by the degree of precision needed by all five of them. The whole business seemed like ‘earth-dentistry’ except for the need for sterile technique; even there, they have to be very careful not to sever existing gas lines… or push through any of the brand-new copper water service lines.


Capital Pathways Survey

The National Capital Commission is conducting a short survey to better understand the use of the Capital Pathway Network. There's still time to respond: deadline to complete the survey is September 15, 2021.

The Capital Pathway Network refers to the pathways shared by pedestrians, joggers, in-line skaters, skateboarders, and cyclists, which are found along both sides of the Rideau Canal, along the Ottawa and Rideau Rivers, in Gatineau Park, and in other urban and suburban areas such as the Experimental Farm, Watts Creek, the Aviation Museum, and Leamy Lake Park.

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