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Bus 7 Stop at Sunnyside and Leonard to be Reinstated

Bus 7 Stop at Sunnyside and Leonard to be Reinstated

As mentioned in the April 2020 OSCAR, the longstanding number 7 westbound bus stop at the corner of Sunnyside and Leonard was removed in 2014 when the rain gardens were installed. Since then, some passengers descending from this bus had to walk about an extra 170 metres to get to their destinations.

An extra 170 metres doesn’t appear much if you are young, vigorous and the weather cooperates, but when you are getting on in years or have mobility problems, and the weather is so typically hot or cold, the footing slippery and uneven (as often happens in winter), the extra metres become a good reason to give up on busing.


Community Pillars for Seniors in Old Ottawa South

Who are the Community Pillars in Old Ottawa South? They are the three churches, Trinity Anglican, Wesleyan and Southminster United, the Sunnyside Library, Abbotsford House, the Community Association, our City Councillor, MPP and MP. Organizations and political elements that have been here “forever.” As a watchdog for seniors, Senior Watch Old Ottawa South (SWOOS) organized a meeting on May 28, 2020 on ZOOM to share and learn with one another outreach efforts and resources for seniors in Old Ottawa South living under COVID-19 distancing and isolation restrictions. Here is what we learned:


Reaching Seniors in Old Ottawa South - Meal Delivery Service

Old Ottawa South's Trinity Anglican Church recently received a federal "New Horizons for Seniors" grant. With this grant - and in response to the restrictions experienced by seniors during the COVID pandemic - Trinity Anglican Church has created a new program called "Reaching Seniors in Old Ottawa South" (RSOOS). RSOOS is a partnership of professionals, local organizations, and volunteers, that is part of the Trinity Anglican Church neighbourhood hub. One of the first initiatives to come out of this RSOOS is a meal delivery program.

Your Bench Your Location!

Your Bench Your Location!

SWOOS meets iGEN: June 1st – Come Out And Vote!

Senior Watch Old Ottawa South celebrates its first year with an invite to young and old  to vote for the best location for a city bench!

Where: Cast your votes at The Firehall, 260 Sunnyside Avenue

When: Saturday, June 1, 2019, from 9:30am to 11:00am.

This past year, May 2018-2019, the SWOOS team searched what we, as a watchdog for seniors in Old Ottawa South, could or should actually do.


OSCA Senior Watch Old Ottawa South (SWOOS) Goals & Objectives May 2019 - 2020

Old Ottawa South is a great community for young and old, but, by means of engaging local residents in our various projects, SWOOS strives for our community to become truly Age Friendly in terms of:

  • Walkability
  • Adequate snow removal, salting/gritting ofsidewalks
  • Extend timing of automatic crosswalk signals
  • Improve accessibility, increase the number of benches (Bank Street, parks), increase and identify washrooms availability to the public (decals?)


  • Intergenerational Social Connections
  • Promote get-togethers and community participation
  • Support for making the Firehall a more welcoming place
  • Establish “BuddyBenches”


  • Housing
  • Promote and provide information on accessibility in existinghomes
  • Inform our community on the inadequate availability of diverse suitable housing options for seniors (e.g. Co-housing, co-op housing,Abbeyfield)
    • Support an “Inclusionary Zoning” Zoning Bylaw Amendmentthat includes seniors as a separate category


  • Health and Quality ofLife
  • Provide information about available health resources, publications and lectures
  • Support Exercise classes suitable forseniors
  • Maintain working relationships with health networks such as thecurrent LHIN, Abbotsford House and the Council On Aging
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