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Temporary Road Closures and Bus Detour: July 2018

Construction of the road, sewer, and watermain has started on Seneca Street between Sunnyside Avenue and Grove Avenue. The work is required to rehabilitate infrastructure that has reached the end of its service life.

Temporary road closures and bus detour are required to facilitate construction. The road closures and bus detour will be from July 10, 2018 at 7 a.m. to late Fall 2018.

Capital Spokes Bike Rally & Rodeo 2018

Capital Spokes Bike Rally & Rodeo 2018

We’re looking for cycling enthusiasts to help organize the 2018 Capital Spokes Bike Rally & Rodeo. If you’re interested contact OSCA’s Traffic & Safety Committee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


A Collaborative Approach to Traffic Issues

As Old Ottawa South (OOS) grows and changes, traffic patterns also change. This is certainly true in the southwest section of OOS, home of the Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club (OTLBC). The Club has been a fixture of OOS since 1923 and has had to adapt with the times. Many regretted the demise of the lawn bowling component of the Club’s activities but no one can deny the success of the beach volleyball program which has replaced the lawn bowls.


Is There a Cure for Traffic?

The lazy days of summer are over. But for many residents of Old Ottawa South, those lazy days in the past few years have been fraught with tension over increased traffic and parking woes. A few months ago our three young grandchildren and the family dog were steps away from a car accident at Ossington and Leonard; to our knowledge the third such accident to occur this summer. During the first part of the summer a construction trailer had been parked in our driveway and we experienced the daily angst of finding a parking space on the street.

Colonel By Drive at Bank Street Exit (Echo Drive).

Safe Crossing of Colonel By Drive

Over the course of the winter and spring, the people of Ottawa and, in particular, the residents of Old Ottawa South, have benefitted from a temporary set of traffic lights on Colonel By Drive at the intersection of Echo Drive as it heads up to Bank Street. These lights, admittedly not pretty, meant no dodging of speeding cars to get across Colonel By, no long waits to cross while a seemingly endless stream of cars passes by, and no looking longingly at the canal wishing we had a safe access point.

Unfortunately, these temporary traffic lights were related to the rehabilitation of the eastern canal wall between Echo Drive and Pig Island.  Now that the work has been completed, the lights have disappeared.  However, our desire for a permanent safe crossing has not disappeared but rather has been strengthened.

Can-Bike Training Session for Volunteers

Capital Spokes Bike Rally & Rodeo: A Grand Success!

It took quite a few players to make Sunday's Bike Rally/Rodeo a success. First and foremost, OSCA's Traffic & Safety Committee who made cycle training & safety part of their strategic plan, David Chernushenko's office (David & Ian Grabina) who supported us from the very beginning, our community partners in the Glebe, Old Ottawa East, Heron Park who welcomed our proposal in the blink of an eye, the City of Ottawa's Safer Roads Program and the staff at OSCA. There are many nameless volunteers who by their very spirit and encouragement made this event worth the effort: the Beaver Scouts, Hopewell parents & staff, our children, grandchildren, their friends & families, the paramedics, police, Can-Bike trainers, the folks from the Cycling Safety program who, with the Beaver Scouts, saved the day with obstacle courses, a jellied brain, helmet fittings, and a bike wash! 

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