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Peter Showler
Laura Wood, the city forester, inspects a well planted tree.

Old Ottawa South Residents Turn Out to Plant Trees

The Bridge-to-Bridge Reforestation Group, a collection of Old Ottawa South residents, has been planting and maintaining trees for more than a dozen years in the area between Bronson Avenue and Canal Woods Terrace. Many residents have remarked on the well-treed area south of the Bronson Bridge which comprises a healthy mix of trees including several varieties of spruce and pine as well as cedar, red oak, honey locust, and two progeny of the maple tree for which the Maple Leaf Forever was written. As an unintended acknowledgement of the group’s reforestation efforts, the neighbouring street, Bronson Place, was renamed Canal Woods Terrace.

Bridge-to-Bridge Group: Planting & Maintenance Weekend

The volunteers of the Bridge to Bridge community reforestation project will be planting a limited number of trees and doing clean up maintenance this weekend on Saturday, October 3, 2020 at 9 am. We will meet along Canal Woods Terrace at the bottom of Aylmer Avenue.  We have a small number of trees to plant, and maintenance – pruning and cleaning up around the base of the trees – on many of our grown trees.  So please bring shovels, pruning shears, and pruning saws if you have them.  Gardening gloves are also a good idea. Feel free to bring your kids to help out and learn about trees.

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