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Sandra Garland
#IWillDoBetter – Plant a Tree

#IWillDoBetter – Plant a Tree

How often have you heard the saying, “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago?” We know about this in Old Ottawa South, because we did plant trees 20 years ago – the forest around the dike at Brewer Pond, many of the beautiful trees at Windsor Park, and Brighton Beach Park, and quite a few on private property – and we love what they’ve become.

Garlic Mustard. Photo by Christine Hanrahan.

Invaders in your Garden

“Invasive” is a word used to describe any plant or animal that is growing or multiplying to the point of driving out other species. It’s out of control. It’s not in balance with the rest of the plants and creatures in its ecosystem. An invasive species can be native, but it’s most often non-native. But just because a plant is not native, doesn’t mean it’s invasive. Most of the horticultural varieties in our gardens are non-native, but they behave themselves and don’t spread all over your yard. They are not invasive.

However, there are some very invasive species in Old Ottawa South, and you should know about them.

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