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Winnie Pietrykowski

The Rewards of Fundraising - Save Our Firehall

Over the past few months we have kept you informed about the overall impact of the pandemic on OSCA's operations and finances. While we have tried our best to remain positive and optimistic, you will have noticed that over time the messaging has shifted from "we'll get through this" to "we are going to need help if we want to keep the Firehall open." Over the past months, Staff, the Board, the Executive, and countless volunteers have continued to work incredibly hard to come up with alternate ways to generate revenue. We have successfully transitioned to a full suite of virtual programming, secured a significant grant through Red Cross Canada, and managed to open up in-person After-4 in a safe and secure environment. But none of that will be enough to keep the Firehall open in the long term, and we are "ringing the bell" and calling on all residents to help Save Our Firehall!

Below is the article that was published in the November OSCAR, introducing the notion and benefits of a local community fundraising effort.  

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