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Traffic & Safety Committee Meeting Minutes May 14th 2019

Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting

Tuesday May 14, 2019 at 12:30 pm

Lounge at the Firehall


  1. Present: James Grant, Erik van der Torre, Kathy Krywicki, Sue Neill, Chair

      Regrets: Winnie Pietrykowski, Brian Ure.  Sue will write to Janet Jull.


  1. Minutes of the TS Meeting of Tuesday April 9, 2019 – approved as circulated. Sue to remind staff to post the April minutes.


  1. Business Arising from the Minutes



            Members felt that the meeting went well and that the new format was successful.          


  1. Meeting with Phil Landry – May 7, 2019

            Erik, Kathy and Sue attended the meeting.  Unfortunately, Shawn’s wife became ill so he could not attend.  The meeting was positive and laid the groundwork for further collaboration with City staff.  See debrief email of May 8, 2019 from Sue to T&S     Committee.


  1. Other Meetings

            The first priority is to meet with Shawn. Sue to try and set up a meeting in the near future.  Meetings with the GCA and OOE to follow.


  1. Cycling

            James indicated that he could not take on the full responsibility for the cycling portfolio because he had just started a new job and has young children.  However, he is happy to be a contact for cycling and would work on the Cameron bike lane, speed radar/red light cameras and the Bank Street bridge.


  1. Forms from FCA/Input to Road Safety Action Plan

            Sue will follow up with Brian to determine what is needed to be done.


  1. Lansdowne Visioning Exercise

            Sue and Winnie (with Christy) attended a meeting of OSCA, GCA and OOE reps to discuss next steps relating to community input to a report being prepared by OSEG for the City           Council. The report will contain recommendations on the future of Lansdowne. Shawn and his staff have prepared some suggestions for discussion.  Next meeting is probably           May 22, 2019 and will involve OSEG.


  1. Areas of Interest and How We Work
  • Much work to do, areas of interest have been agreed
  • Members bring plan of attack on topics to the committee for discussion, get agreement on approach, then do it
  • Keep members informed, copy Chair on correspondence
  • If issues, discuss with Committee at meetings or bring to the Chair between


  1. Priority Business


  1. Intersections Update – Erik

            Erik received an email from Jama today indicating that students had been hired to gather data and were being trained for the next two weeks.


  1. Colonel By Pedestrian Crossing at Seneca – Sue

            Councillor and City have made a proposal for the Seneca crossing. It is now with the NCC             for consideration and approval.


  1. Bike Rally – Winnie

            No report from Winnie but things appear to be in hand for a great event!


  1. Echo Ramp – Kathy

            Flex sticks are installed to discourage right-hand turns at Bank and the Echo ramp.           Discussion of a counterflow bike lane from Bank to Colonel By as proposed by a        resident was discussed and considered to be a good idea. This had been discussed with            Phil and he is looking into it.  This could be a continuation of the flex sticks and would also serve the purpose of keeping cars to the right side of the Echo ramp.


            As per our request, Phil is also asking the NCC to indicate on the sign at the bottom of the ramp on Colonel By that the ramp is for Bank St south motorists.


  1. Cameron Bike Lane – James

            Following from the discussion with Phil, James has prepared a plan showing green paint on the road at all intersections involving the Cameron Bike lane. There is also a            dangerous corner at Cameron and Seneca that could benefit from a stop sign for cars turning from Seneca onto Cameron. James will prepare a written proposal for our discussion and subsequent discussion with the Councillor and then forwarded to the City.


  1. Gateway Speed Limit Zone – Sue

            It would appear that a decision has been made to have two Gateway speed limit zones in the Capital Ward possibly at 30 km/hr. One would be west of Bank in OOS. Kathy       made the case that since 40km is already the limit on the arterial streets through OOS (such as Riverdale, Sunnyside, Bank St) and some streets have specifically opted into this    speed reduction from the default 50km/h, with an overall 40km limit throughout the whole neighbourhood, we'd have consistency east & west of Bank St in OOS.

             This is to be discussed at the next meeting with Shawn.

  1. Bank Street Bridge Redesign – All

            The Councillor has indicated that he has submitted several options to the City for consideration. We need to be aware of these options before we proceed. To be on the    agenda for the discussion with Shawn.

  1. Sunnyside Rain Gardens and Traffic Calming – Brian

            Brian has had a vague response from Darlene (City) on the gardening side. No contact     yet on the assessment of the traffic calming measures.

  1. Green Dreamers – Winnie, Brian

            No report but – work has begun on the Bank Street gardens.

  1. Communications


  1. Ongoing – “Did You Know” columns – Kathy

            A DYK has been prepared for this OSCAR on the need for residents to report traffic misdemeanors to the Police and the City. The system is complaints-based but there may be better ways ie listening to community associations about where “hot spots” are. For discussion with Shawn. The interface for reporting to the police is difficult and discourages reporting.


            A future DYK could involve the new advocacy group for the betterment of public transit. Kathy to submit the link to us. https://www.ottawatransitriders.ca/

  1. Future OSCAR Articles – All.

            Next month should be a report on the Bike Rally and Rodeo. Then possibly articles of       follow-up on priority projects


  1. Resident Concerns


  1. Responses to the OSCAR article on T&S Priorities (6 letters to date)

            Follow-up letters have been prepared by Sue. Erik has taken on the Hopewell suggestions and will contact the author.


  1. Liaison Updates
  2. FCA Transportation Committee – Brian

            The latest meeting was cancelled. Brian to keep us informed and circulate materials.

  1. Hopewell Parents Council – Erik

            The crossing of students on Hopewell continues to be a problem. Erik has discussed this and speed radar and red light cameras in the school zone at the last meeting.  The school principal is particularly interested in resolving the crossing issue. Next meeting is tonight – May 14.

  1. Bike Ottawa – James

            James attended the Bike Ottawa Bike to Work Week kick-off breakfast. Good opportunity to meet City officials.


  1. SWOOS – Sue

            Sue passed on thanks to Anna for setting an example of how to get work done. Sue and Anna to meet occasionally to discuss traffic issues relating to seniors.

  1. OTLBC – Winnie, Sue

            As the beach volleyball season is starting, Sue wrote a note to the Executive Director confirming that the measures taken last year to deal with traffic issues were to be in place again. Agreement and in addition a greater focus on cycling to the Club to be made. The OTLBC is very involved in the Bike Rally.  The Club officially opened last weekend.

  1. Other Business
  1. Kathy noted that she has seen “Slow Down for Us” signs made of metal and solidly installed up high on posts. She will write to Safer Streets Ottawa to see what is involved in obtaining a few of these signs. Depending on availability and price, we could ask for some funds from the OSCA budget.
  2. Raven Extension – Carleton

                   It was agreed that, if the City went ahead with a consultation, the T&S Committee could help with promotion, primarily by posting on News Between the Bridges. The                            Committee could have a position on this but need to better understand the proposal. Sue to write to the project engineer.                    


  1. Next Meeting

            Tuesday, July 2, 2019, 12:30 at the Firehall.

            Priority for the June meeting will be a meeting with Shawn.  Sue to try to set up for the morning of Friday, May 24, 2019, at the Firehall.










Traffic & Safety Committee Meeting Minutes-April 9, 2019

Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting

Tuesday April 9, 2019 at 12:30 pm

Lounge at the Firehall

Present: Kathy Krywicki, James Grant, Winnie Pietrykowski, Erik van der Torre, Brian Ure, Sue Neill (Chair)

Regrets: Janet Jull

  1. Welcome: The meeting had been changed to the second week of April in order to accommodate the Meet and Greet luncheon at the Firehall.  Thanks to those who were able to attend.

Additions to the agenda: under item 4 – City Transportation Committee Report, Road Safety Action Plan Stakeholders Meeting Report

  1. Minutes of the TS Meeting of Tuesday, March 5, 2019 – approved by email and posted on the OSCA website.
  2. 2019/20 Priorities – Next Steps
  3. Board approval

The OSCA Board has approved the Traffic and Safety Plan and Priorities at its March meeting.

  1. Sharing of the Plan/Priorities

Meetings are being set up with Phil Landry, Director of Traffic Services with the City; and Shawn Menard, Councillor.  Both have agreed t o meet with us and we are now finding an appropriate time and place.  We will try to meet with Shawn first. Sue to arrange.

Meetings with the Glebe and OOE are still to be arranged.

  1. Committee Members – areas of interest

Individual Committee members indicated where they would like to contribute with regard to implementing the priorities:

PXO Seneca and Colonel By – Sue

Bank Intersections- Erik

Redesign/Flex sticks at Bank and Echo ramp – Sue

Bike Rodeo – Winnie

Green Dreamers – Winnie and Brian

Sunnyside – Brian

Gateway Speed Zone – possibly Janet

Bank Street Bridge Redesign – Erik, James, Sue

No left turn warning signs – Kathy

Red light cameras – Erik, James

Photo Radar – Erik, James

40 km limit on Colonel By – Sue

Physical barrier on Cameron – James

Consistent stop signs secondary intersections – TBD

Speed reduction on Bronson – Erik, Sue

Additional PXOs – Kathy, Sue

Other responsibilities currently underway will continue.  There is still a need to have a cycling lead on the committee. James indicated interest and will talk with several individuals to assess their interest in helping.

  1. Priority Business
  2. Intersections Update – Erik

No response yet from the latest request to the City.  Councillor’s office has asked to be kept informed.  It was noted that cameras were temporarily in place at Aylmer and Cameron – not sure why. So far no complaints that we are aware of have been made following the changes at intersections

  1. Colonel By Pedestrian Crossing at Seneca – Sue

The Councillor has informed us that something is in the works. We are hoping that there will be an announcement by the time of the OSCA AGM.

  1. Bike Rally – Winnie

Plans are well underway, led by a capable, lively and enthusiastic committee.  Winnie reminded Committee members that they should plan to attend. May 31, June 1, 2.  The Sunnyside Library will organize a display of cycling books to help promote the Bike Rally. Winnie to check Bike Ottawa’s involvement with Denise.

Winnie also reported that she had attended a Volunteer Recognition event at the library during which the Green Dreamers were awarded an amount of $500.00 to be used for the library gardens this spring.An article has been prepared for the May issue of the OSCAR. Winnie and Brian will visit the new location of Noel Landscape on Bank Street to determine if there is interest in working with the Green Dreamers.

  1. City of Ottawa’s Road Safety Action Stakeholder’s meeting

Brian attended this meeting on April 6.  The City’s Road Safety Action Plan was presented and input sought as to priority areas of emphasis for the plan. Stakeholders are now asked to contribute “countermeasures” or tasks that they might undertake to contribute to the accomplishment of the areas of emphasis.  Forms will be provided with a tight timeline.

Brian to prepare a response on the forms and circulate to Committee members for input. Brian will then provide to the FCA for a roll-up from all communities. FCA will submit to the City.

A presentation including data on fatal and major injuries citywide was presented. Janet to be asked if she will work on pulling out data relating specifically to Old Ottawa South (Sue to ask).

  1. Report to the City Transportation Committee and Council on Temporary Traffic Calming Measures Program (TTCMP)– submitted by Phil Landry

Kathy circulated the report containing interesting and informative information on the TTCMP ($50,000 per year allocated to Councillors for traffic calming measures in their riding).  This is important information for our upcoming meeting with Phil Landry pertaining to such elements as flex sticks, painting of lines, speed boards etc.

  1. Communications
  2. Ongoing – “Did You Know” columns

Kathy has submitted a DYK piece for May relating to helmet safety relating to the Bike Rally

  1. Future OSCAR Articles – Christine Bradley has prepared an article on the Green Dreamers. Sue will prepare one on the T&S Committee 2019 priorities. Winnie will prepare another promo for the Bike Rally and Rodeo.  Deadline is this Friday April 12.
  2. Board Report – to be submitted by Thursday April 11. Sue to prepare.
  3. Resident Concerns
  4. Sunnyside Rain Gardens/Traffic Calming

Brian will contact the City to determine what if any assessment has been done on the rain gardens and other traffic calming measures on Sunnyside.

  1. Gateway Speed Zone

Our contact on this project is Colin Ashford.  Colin is following up with Shawn to determine if progress has been made.  Janet will be asked to assist with this.

  1. Liaison Updates
  2. FCA Transportation Committee

Brian reported that the next FCA meeting will be held at the Firehall on April 17. Richard will welcome on behalf of OSCA and Shawn Menard will be part of a panel presentation on the City’s new Official Plan. The FCA business meeting will follow. Brian will represent OSCA.

  1. Hopewell Parents Council – next meeting is on Tuesday April 9, 2019
  2. SWOOS – Kathy to make sure that Anna has seen the City’s Snow Clearing Report
  3. Other Business
  4. Lansdowne “Visioning” exercise

We want to ensure that traffic issues are part of the discussion, especially the Bank Street Bridge since it is our route to Lansdowne – for discussion with Shawn.

  1. OSCA AGM – May 7, 2019

There will need to be a T&S Report prepared. Sue to prepare and circulate.  Winnie provided an overview of the plans for the AGM.

  1. Next Meeting –Because the regular meeting date falls on the same date as the OSCA AGM, it was agreed that the meeting should be moved to Tuesday May 14 at 12:30 pm.

Date of the June meeting tbd – we may not have a formal meeting.

  1. Adjournment – at 2:15 pm.
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