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    OSCA Nominations form for Board Positions

    To nominate someone for our Board of Directors, download the form at the link below and once completed, submit to nominations@oldottawasouth.ca along with a copy of the nominee's CV.
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Nominations & Elections Committee Achievements 2019/20 & Objectives 2020/21

Nominations and Elections Committee
Achievements in 2019/2020 & Objectives for 2020/2021


Nominations Committee Achievements – 2019/20   

  1. Board approval to revise name of the Committee to the Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC) to reflect the responsibility for elections
  2. Prepared and received Board approval for NEC committee foundation documents including Committee Terms of Reference, Nominations and Elections Manual, Workplan, and priorities
  3. Implemented a communications strategy for the call for nominations to the Board and committees which resulted in good number of candidates indicating interest.
  4. Proposed a list of candidates for Board, Executive and Committee positions for Board approval following interviews with all interested candidates
  5. Establish a database of individuals interested in assuming volunteer positions within OSCA
  6. Established Terms of Reference for a new OSCA Community Builder Award for Board approval
  7. Established a process for nominations for candidates for the Community Builder Award
  8. Recommended recipient of the Community Builder Award for Board approval and assisted in the design of the award.

Nominations and Elections Committee Objectives – 2020/21

  1. Complete a review of the new processes implemented in 2019/20 for nominations, elections and awards and make changes where necessary.
  2. Implement procedures for nominations, elections and awards according to the approved policies and procedures,
  3. Work closely with OSCA staff to develop a database of new and existing individuals volunteering with OSCA
  4. Prepare and implement an orientation process for new Board members
  5. Establish a succession plan for the Chair and Committee membership

Staff and Financial Resources Needed for 2020/21

Executive Director and Staff

  • Assist with the implementation of nominations, elections and awards procedures
  • Volunteer database development and implementation
  • Promotions support – web, social media, newsletter, posters etc
  • Organization of the AGM

Financial Support

Community Builder Award - $200.00

Admin. - $200.00

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