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OSCA Policy on Nominations to the Board of Directors

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To make clear the principles on which nominations to the Board of Directors should be based and outline the procedures which should be followed. Please also consult the Procedures Manual for the OSCA Nominations Committee.


  1. The Board of Directors of the Association should be broadly representative of the Ottawa South community and the individuals and groups within it.
  2. The Board of Directors themselves should actively encourage members of the community to come forward to serve on the Board and its committees.
  3. In encouraging members of the community to come forward to serve on the Board consideration should be given to the following factors:
    1. that the membership reflects a fair balance of representatives from each of the neighbourhoods and areas within the Old Ottawa South community;
    2. that there is a reasonable gender balance;
    3. that major demographic groups within the community are reasonably represented (the elderly, post-secondary students, etc.);
    4. that major voluntary and other community service groups who have a significant stake in the effective functioning of the Old Ottawa South community from time to time are represented on the Board;
    5. that the individual would serve the Board well and be committed to the Association's objectives.
  4. Given the importance of encouraging the identification of potential candidates to serve on the Board, the Board should create a special Nominations Committee to identify such candidates and recommend their nomination to the Annual General Meeting of the Association.
  5. The Association and its Board also encourages individual members of OSCA to come forward at the Annual General Meeting and offer nominations to the Board:


  1. In order to give effect to the above principles, the Board should establish every year at its December meeting a nominating committee and name a chair from amongst its number to
    1. determine which Board members may be retiring;
    2. actively consult the community at large to identify potential candidates for the Board and its major committees;
    3. present its final report on a recommended slate of Directors to the April meeting of the Board for approval; and
    4. present its report to the May Annual General Meeting in the form of nominations for new and returning Board members, for the consideration of-the membership attending the AGM.
  2. The nominating committee should consist of a minimum of three and maximum of five members, of which at least three, including the chair, should be members of the existing Board of Directors.
  3. The committee chair shall be responsible for preparing its report and calling meetings of the Committee.
  4. At least three members of the committee or two-thirds of-its membership, which ever is the greater number, must agree with the committee's nominating report.

Approved by the OSCA Board:
27 May 2000

Revised by the OSCA Board:
20 December 2016

Last modified on Thursday, 22 February 2018 13:44

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