Old Ottawa South Community Association

John Calvert

Billings Bridge of Yesteryear

Down by riverside...

Credit: William James Topley/Library and Archives Canada/PA-011357

Watering place - Billing's Bridge circa 1910

Billings Estate Commemorative Wall

m 4792 small The first permanent European settler in the area of Old Ottawa South was Braddish Billings in 1812 along the banks of the Rideau River. His holdings were primary on the south bank of the Rideau but included the north bank (later Old Ottawa South) up to present day Cameron Avenue. On the south bank just east of Billings Bridge at the (relocated) outlet of Sawmill Creek along the National Capital Commission's Rideau River Eastern Pathway is a commemorative stone wall in honour of the Billings family, the bridge, and the synonymous village that grew up on the edge of his property.

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