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Planning & Zoning

The Planning Committee advises the OSCA board on issues related to planning and development in Old Ottawa South, and acts as the primary liaison between public bodies and the board.

Planning & Zoning Committee Accomplishments 2019-2020 & Objectives 2020-2021


    • Supported existing OOS Bylaws through reviews of Committee of Adjustment and Zoning Bylaw Amendment Applications in our neighbourhood
    • Worked on Immediate Zoning Application Issues Affecting the Wider Community
        o 1050-1060 Bank Street
        o 860 Colonel By Drive
        o 26 Aylmer
    • Worked with other Community Associations
        o Glebe Community Association Bank Street Study & Lansdowne
        o Old Ottawa East Community Association Secondary Plan Changes
    • Worked with the Federation of Citizen Associations
        o Salvation Army, Kanata Lakes, Chateau Laurier
        o Review of Planning Committee and Council Decisions
        o Member of FCA Working Group on Ottawa’s New Official Plan
        o Infill 1 & 2 and R4 changes
    • Worked on Resident Toolkit ideas as time permitted
    • Increased community engagement: OSCAR, Between the Bridges, social.

OBJECTIVES 2020-2021
    • Continuing support of our Community’s Existing Zoning Bylaws by reviewing Zoning Appli-cations to help foster good fit infills and developments in the wider neighbourhood
    • Reviewing of Planning Committee/ Council Decisions that affect our Community
    • Review Official Plan draft policies in general and as they affect our community specifically
    • Communicate OP draft review changes to residents and encourage participation in review and comment process
    • Complete Resident Toolkit
    • Continue working with FCA on city-wide issues affecting all communities

    • P&Z estimates that Christy and OSCA staff spent approximately 20 hours in 2019-2020 helping Planning & Zoning initiatives become realities.
    • Given the additional work envisioned as the New Official Plan is drafted and presented for comment, P&Z would like to request a budget of 30 staff hours for 2020-2021if possible.
    • P&Z spent approximately $500.00 on expenses related to application review and Commit-tee of Adjustment /LPAT submissions during 2019-2020.
    • P&Z requests a budget of $600.00 in committee expenses during 2020-2021.


OSCA Planning & Zoning Meeting Report - March 9, 2020

OSCA Planning & Zoning Meeting Report
Monday, March 09, 2020

Update on Active Priorities

1. Review of Current Projects, Proposals and Applications
1050-1060 Bank Street
Information: Awaiting completion of development consultant’s traffic impact Analysis and ensuing City staff review of the report. Comments period for Old Ottawa South residents will be extended.

2. FCA --Official Plan Growth Projections Meeting
Information: Official Growth Projections meeting postponed in order to allow for City staff to review their projections in light of the newly released Provincial Policy statement and its impact on the urban boundary expansion issue.
Next Steps: OSCA P&Z to monitor.

3. City of Ottawa -Official Plan Urban Boundary Expansion Report to City Planning/ARAC Committees
Information: City staff report on expansion of the Urban Boundary, scheduled to be presented to the City’s Planning and ARAC Committees has been postponed to May 4, 2020 in order to review and assess that report for congruence with the new Provincial Policy Statement.
Next Steps: OSCA P&Z to monitor.

4. Province of Ontario – New Provincial Policy Statement
Information: The Provincial Policy Statement, the document which underpins the City of Ottawa’s Official Plan, is being revised.
Next Steps: OSCA P&Z to review.

5. City of Ottawa R4 Residential Review
Information: Ten communities, including Old Ottawa South, provided comments to the City on proposed zoning changes to R4 zones. FCA also provided their own comments, which were supportive of the City’s proposal. residential apartments throughout R4 zones and to consolidate subzone. Next Steps: Await next steps by City Zoning and Interpretations team.

6. Long-term Work Plan Items:
Resident Toolkit: Committee members collating submissions received to date. Frank Oakes, a resident of the Glebe, has updated his well-respected Guidelines for objecting to a Minor Variance Request and has graciously granted permission for OSCA P&Z to include this document in our Resident Toolkit.

P&Z Team Update:
We welcome Old Ottawa South resident Dave Kyffin to the P&Z team. Thank you, Dave for choosing to contribute to our community and its future growth by offering your time and talents to P&Z.

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