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Planning & Zoning Meeting Report October 2019

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OSCA Planning & Zoning Meeting Report

Monday, October 07, 2019

Update on Active Priorities:

1. Review of Current Projects, Proposals and Applications:

 26 Aylmer Avenue
Information: Residents invited to attend meeting on October 22nd 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the Sunnyside Library
Actions Taken: Continuing communication with neighbours, Councilor and development team
Next steps: Hold meeting.

 1050-1060 Bank Street
Next steps: Await application.

 City of Ottawa Infill Review;
Actions Taken: Reviewed document addendum with FCA P&Z team and provided input
Next Steps: FCA to send Comments letter to City.

 FCA Official Plan Work Group
Information: Working session held at City Hall with FCA, GOHBA September 23rd. and representatives from various development companies.
Review of City’s Growth Management Strategy Draft recommendations and directions.

Actions Taken: Analysis of draft document with FCA P&Z team.
Next Steps: Attend next City of Ottawa Presentation.

5. Long-term Work Plan Items:
Resident Toolkit: Each member to tackle topics and present drafts for mid-November.

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