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Planning & Zoning Meeting Report - February 10, 2020

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OSCA Planning & Zoning Meeting Report

Monday, February 10, 2020

Update on Active Priorities

1. Review of Current Projects, Proposals and Applications

1050-1060 Bank Street

Information:     Community meeting was held on Monday, January 27th, 2020. Around 60 residents came out and gave feedback on issues as diverse as façade treatment, parking entrance and exits, required rear yard setback angles, height and street trees.

Actions taken: Post-meeting, the Councilor’s office received additional feedback, particularly on the parking garage entrance/exit location. Shawn’s office organized and held a meeting with the development team, City

Transportation Planning and City Planning staff, OSCA Traffic and Safety and OSCA P&Z. Issues such as trees (further study by City), site amenities (bike racks and benches), site lighting and possible future street parking were discussed.

Next steps:        Development team’s traffic consultant will prepare a traffic impact analysis, which will likely take 6 weeks to complete. City staff will review the report. Comments period for Old Ottawa South residents will be extended.

 2. FCA --Official Plan Economics Presentation Meeting

Information:    The City of Ottawa is holding an Official Plan Economics Presentation on February 18th, 2020.

Next Steps:     OSCA P&Z to attend.


 3. City of Ottawa R4 Residential Review

Information:      R4 review document proposes changes to R4 zone to permit low-rise residential apartments throughout R4 zones and to consolidate subzone designations. Changes would permit up to 5 dwelling units on 8 metre wide lots and 8-12 units on lots wider than10 metres and no limit on unit numbers for lots wider than 14 metres.

Actions Taken: P&Z attended community meeting jointly held by Jeff Leiper and the Hintonburg and Mechanicsville CAs. It was standing-room only and residents expressed many concerns as to what these proposed changes might potentially mean for their communities.

Old Ottawa South prepared a Comments Letter in response to the City’s request for input from all residents and CAs. Thank you to Richard for reviewing and signing the letter so quickly and to Christy and Luke for preparing, expediting and sending it to the City.

Next Steps:       Await next steps by City Zoning and Interpretations team.


4. Long-term Work Plan Items:
Resident Toolkit: Currently on the backburner due to Official Plan and Zoning review work.

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