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To clarify the Association's position on conflicts of interest as they apply to members of the Association's Board, or any other decision-making body of the organization and OSCA employees while carrying out their duties for the association.

OSCA support of events and fundraising in the community


Whether to approve an OSCA policy on supporting events and fundraising initiatives organized by informal and local community groups in Old Ottawa South.


In addition to Special Events that are organized and managed by OSCA staff and volunteers, OSCA has traditionally supported a limited number of events through the years that are self-organized and managed by informal groups of residents in the community.

Typically, these are annual events such as a block party or similar social or participative activity (e. g.  the Brighton Beach Clam Bake, or the Bellwood Avenue Ball Hockey Tournament). By formally acknowledging the event through a declaration of support, the event organizers can use OSCA’s communications channels to publicize the event and have the event covered by OSCA’s liability insurance which OSCA obtains through participating in the City of Ottawa’s Community Partners’ Insurance Program (CPIP). Our current CPIP insurance with the City covers us for events on City property (the Firehall and City parks), Hopewell Public School and Southminster United Church where we currently run, or have run, programs.

Further, on several occasions in the past local residents have also engaged in fundraising campaigns to assist local residents in need. For example, residents of local homes or rooming houses whose residences were destroyed by fire and were left homeless with no belongings and no personal effects insurance.


In the past, there was no policy governing which events or fundraising activities qualified for OSCA support, nor an established process for obtaining support. Supported events were usually approved by the Board on an ad hoc basis. This has led to uncertainty amongst staff and Board members concerning which groups qualify for support and how such applications need to be managed and assessed. The proposed policy and process for handling applications will assist staff in processing and assessing applications in a transparent and orderly fashion. If is recommended that the policy be posted in an easily identifiable place on the OSCA website so it is easily available to residents in OOS.

Proposed Policy Statement and Approach for Managing Applications for Supported Events or Activities:

OSCA supports and encourages locally organized community groups that engage local residents in collective social or recreational events of benefit to Old Ottawa South residents, or fundraising activities designed to benefit local resident(s) in need.

In order to manage the applications submitted by groups and ensure a consistent and organized approach to approving supported events or activities, a proposed Approach for Managing and Approving Applications for OSCA Supported Events or Activities has been drafted for the Board’s approval.


That the OSCA Board approve the policy statement outlined above and the attached document entitled Approach for Managing and Approving Applications for OSCA Supported Events or Activities. Further, the Board delegates to the Managing Director responsibility for implementing the assessment and approval of specific applications.”

Moved by:

Michael Jenkin


OSCA Operations Committee

Approved by the OSCA Board on 15 November 2022.


Approach for Managing and Approving Applications for OSCA Supported Events or Activities

The following procedures and assessment criteria have been approved by the OSCA Board to assist the Managing Director and staff in managing, assessing and approving applications from groups within the Old Ottawa South Community that apply for OSCA support.

What Qualifies as a Supported Event or Activity?

The supported event or activity must meet the following qualifying criteria approved by the OSCA Board:

  • engages local residents in a collective social or recreational event of benefit to Old Ottawa South residents, or a fundraising activity designed to benefit local resident(s) in need;
  • if an event, be held in Old Ottawa South in a public place that is covered by OSCA CPIP coverage;
  • be organized and managed by a local group of Old Ottawa South residents who are OSCA members and who have formally constituted an organizing committee, one of whose members serves as the event coordinator;
  • any costs to hold the event or conduct the fund-raising campaign are raised by the organizing committee; and
  • any revenues from the event do not go to a for profit entity.

How Do Groups Apply for a Supported Event?

Those groups wishing to apply for OSCA Sponsorship should:

  • write to the OSCA Managing Director requesting their event be designed as one supported by OSCA;
  • the request should outline the following:
    • the name and contact information of the event or fundraising co-ordinator;
    • a list of the names and addresses of the organizing committee;
    • the date and place of the event, or time period of the fundraising activity; and
    • a brief description of the nature of the event and the approximate expected number of participants, or in the case of a fund-raising activity the reason for the activity, how funds will be raised, the beneficiaries and the manner that the funds will be distributed at the end of the fundraising period;
  •  list in the letter of application the necessary permissions the committee will obtain from the City of Ottawa (e. g. park rental, street closure permissions, fire or other permits), or the Ottawa Carleton District Public School Board.

What Is the Organizing Committee Responsible for?

The organizing Committee will ensure that:

  • the event meets OSCA criteria for a supported event;
  • all permissions and permits are obtained and all City or school board regulations are followed with respect to the conduct of the event;
  • any site cleanup and equipment removal will take place immediately after the event;
  • if fund raising for the benefit of specific individuals in need is involved, the committee will keep a record of all funds raised, the names of all donors and expenses incurred and be prepared to release to OSCA a statement of account for the fundraising campaign;
  • all members of the organizing committee must be OSCA members; and
  • acknowledge in any publicity that the event is supported by OSCA, and where appropriate, use the OSCA logo.

What Will OSCA Be responsible for?

  • The OSCA Managing Director will, once they are satisfied that the event qualifies for support, that the application is complete, and that the organizing committee has demonstrated that it will meet its responsibilities, issue a letter to the coordinator of the organizing committee granting support status and confirming that the event is covered for liability under the CPIP.
  • The OSCA communications coordinator will reach out to the event or fund-raising coordinator to provide any assistance appropriate so that the activity can be communicated to the community through OSCA’s communications channels.
  • In the case of a fundraising event/campaign OSCA can provide a “safekeeping role” and receive and hold donations until the end of the campaign and pay out the funds raised for the beneficiaries, if the organizers request such an arrangement. If this is the case, the beneficiaries and the distribution of the donations to them, must be determined in advance by the fundraising committee and communicated to OSCA for approval.

Approved by the OSCA Board on 15 November 2022.

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