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The Operations Committee oversees recreational programming at The Firehall. OSCA runs a children's after school program, summer camps, pre-school, children and adult fitness, and adult general interest programs. The committee is also responsible for the Fitness Centre. Some of the issues the committee considers are the development of new programs, investment in new equipment, and  new policies and procedures.

We are always looking for new programming ideas, if you have any suggestions please contact oscaprograms@oldottawasouth.ca.

If you feel the program committee is a good fit for you, please contact OSCA Executive Director Christy Savage at osca@oldottawasouth.ca.

Check out the OSCA Program section for the latest info.

Operations Committee Meeting Minutes - Tuesday May 10, 2022

OSCA Operations Committee Meeting
Tuesday May 10, 2022

In Attendance: Sarah Cormier, Michael Jenkin, Barbara Porrett and Adrienne Silnicki
Staff: Katherine Boisvert, Darcy Middaugh, Matt Mitchell and Ayoyinka Oshodi
Regrets: Regina Bateson, Allison Eagen, Paul Keen, Dianne McGee and Joy Morrow

The meeting was held by videoconference.

1.    Approval of the agenda
 Approved as circulated, with the addition of the meeting with SWOOS and delay of the Subsidy Policy and COVID-19 Regulations to the end of the agenda

2.    Approval of the March 8, 2022 meeting minutes
Approved without changes

3.    May Butterfly Event

  • Katherine reported that although the details have yet to be finalized, the butterfly event may take place on Sunday, May 29 from 1:00- 3:00 with Monday, May 30th the rain date 
  • The venue will be the summer camp space in Windsor Park and the event will feature the presence of an entomologist, butterfly themed crafts, a choir from Hopewell, but no food or face painting
  • Butterfly tattoos from Mastermind are a possibility
  • Action: Contact the media once the date is finalized
  • Decision: The wearing of masks will be optional - participants will be encouraged to social distance, but staff will be masked when close to children
  • Ayo suggested a learning opportunity such as enabling participants to share their stories
  • Ayo also suggested selling butterfly wings to raise funds for OSCA programming
  • Adrienne recommended that participants be advised to wear colourful clothing and flowers to attract butterflies for feeding

4.    Fall programming

  •  Matt reported that registration for spring programming has been the best since the pandemic - revenue so far is $62K - the 2022 Budget targeted $57K in revenues, so we are ahead of Budget projections
  • Both children’s and adult programming are doing very well 
  • After school outdoor and sports programs including the walkover option from the Firehall to Windsor Park for after school programs, weekend programming and fewer cancellations have contributed to registration levels, but there is still room for growth
  • Spring programming will end on Sunday, June 26
  • This late date has implication for Katherine’s camp training - requires a new approach 
  • The following fall programming ideas were discussed: 
    • Ss many outdoor activities as possible
    • Continue the Firehall to Windsor Park walkover option for     After-Four participants
    • 45 minute adult fitness and children’s programs to be held at the same time on the weekend to encourage both parent and children to attend programs at the same time
    • More French programming for children after 4:30 pm - Michael noted that there is an obligation from the city to offer programming in French where demand warrants
    • Gymnastics, yoga, Boot Camp, yoga with cello accompaniment, adult trivia night, axe throwing, wall climbing, bag making workshop, women only and men only times and Youth Night programming in the Fitness Centre were suggested
    • Programming for the staff of the College of Physician and Surgeons on the College property is also a possibility
    • Work with the Buy Nothing group to set up stalls in Windsor Park possibly in a month or so - Ayo to be the point person 
    • Action: Send additional programming ideas to Matt at matt@oldottawasouth.ca
    • Action: Advertise seniors’ day, the porch sale, a multicultural day and the Christmas sale in the fall
    • Action: Look into renting additional tents in Windsor Park
    • Action: Design the fall program guide with a series of different magazine-like covers that will attract all ages from children to seniors

5.   Update on Managing Director Hiring Process

  • Four candidates have been interviewed, one has been selected and references are currently being checked
  • The plan is to have the new managing director in place in mid-June 

6.    Long Term Operational Considerations – Firehall Fitness Centre and Canada-Ontario Early Years and Child Care Agreement

  • Michael indicated that the financial viability of two key investments, the Fitness Centre and the After-Four program will need be considered by the committee 
  • The Fitness Centre is not generating revenue surpluses of a significant character to cover our operating overheads
  • The recent federal/provincial agreement on $10. child care may impact After-Four programming
  • It was suggested that care for children over the age of 6 is not currently being offered and as a result the agreement is not a concern
  • Michael indicated that this needs to be confirmed along with the viability of the Fitness Centre at an Operations Committee meeting in the next couple of months
  • Action: Remove equipment not being used in the Fitness Centre

7.    SWOOS

  • Michael noted that a zoom meeting with three members of SWOOS about seniors’ programming at the Firehall took place on Wednesday, April 27
  • The minutes from the meeting were shared with the Operations Committee members
  • Action: Consult SWOOS on programming and promotional ideas for Fall programming

8.    COVID 19 Regulations

  • Action: Discuss OSCA’s Covid 19 regulations at the next Operations Committee meeting
  • Michael suggested that the end of spring programming and more outdoor programming during the summer may provide a natural break for changing the regulations
  • It was noted that there will be some indoor programming in the summer i.e. Lego, pottery, and dance.
  • A possible option maybe to make masks optional for outdoor programming, but keep vaccine mandates, social distancing and staff testing

9.    Subsidy Policy 

  • Michael will be making a ppt presentation to the Board proposing an update to the 2013 subsidy policy
  • The problem with the current policy is staff lack guidance on its implementation and the current year’s approved budget does not include funds for subsidies
  • An additional concern is that there may be members of the community who have short term financial difficulties that do not qualify them for assistance by the current criteria
  • Michael proposed a $3,500. cap for the coming half year
  • Decision: It was agreed that subsidies would be given on the basis of first come, first served rather than on need – basing on need would be too burdensome
  • Katherine pointed out that subsidies for camps and After-Four should be dealt with differently than regular programs because subsidizing a space in the former has lower financial implications – there is often space in camps and After-Four and the subsidized fee would cover all costs, just not make money
  • Action: Michael to work with the staff to modify the draft policy on how to handle After-4, Breakfast Club and summer camp subsidies, likely involving allowing a cap based on two full time enrollments in each program and no increase in staff budgets and to share the changes with the other members of the Operations Committee

10.  Agenda for the Tuesday, June 14 meeting

  • Covid regulations
  • Brief on the Board meeting 
  • Managing director position
  • Sarah will take the meeting minutes.

Operations Committee Proposal to the Board - Appointment of Chair

Proposal to the Board – Appointment of Chair of the OSCA Operations Committee


That the Board appoint Michael Jenkin as Chair of the OSCA Operations Committee on an interim basis.


On June 30, 2020, Michael McKay resigned from the position of Chair of the OSCA Operations Committee and as a member of the Executive Committee.

The Nominations and Elections Committee would like to recommend to the Board that Michael Jenkin be appointed as Chair of the Operations Committee on an interim basis.

Michael Jenkin has been President of OSCA and held many other positions over the years.  He is currently a member of the Operations Committee and a member of the OSCA Executive Committee and is well-qualified to take on the responsibility of Chair.

Michael has agreed to take on this position until a permanent Chair can be found.


That the Board appoint Michael Jenkin as Chair of the OSCA Operations Committee on an interim basis.

Moved by: Sue Neill

July 21, 2020


OSCA Operations Committee Report to the Board - July 2020

OSCA Operations Committee Report to the Board
July 2020

Achievements of 2019-2020

  1. Registration System Changeover
    • Full review and analysis (detailed) of registration system options, gap list creation, evaluation of top alternative systems
    • Final choice selected was Amilia Registration Software, which was launched June 22nd without any operational issues
    • Staff have been trained and are growing more comfortable with the new system each day
    • Currently working on building Constant Contact database that will ease communications with clients, integrate information from registration system, and allow a more streamlined messaging where necessary
  2. Awarded significant summer staffing grant of $15500 in 2019 and $17700 in 2020 from the Canada Summer Jobs program through the federal government
  3. Client Service Standards assessment is 3/4 complete
  4. New adult programming added
    • Friday night volleyball, Prenatal Yoga, Core 360, Mental Health First Aid, Broadway Workout, and more
  5. Senior programming was expanded
    • In Winter 2020, 26 program options were suited to adults 55+
    • New programs include Pickleball, Vitality Plus, Swans in Sneakers, Card Club, photography club, Balance and Coordination, Book Club, Musical Jam, and more
  6. Environmental stewardship incorporated into programs (e.g., camps and Re-Generations)
  7. Thorough and detailed-oriented staff budgeting at year end to meet 2019 budget goals for programming
  8. Started in-house OSCA Program Guide production
  9. Tackled Covid-19 Virtual programming
    • Also launched Pay What You Can campaign through Shopify
    • Updating the website and changing programming listings
    • Responded to COVID-19 issues with on-line resources for community

2020-2021 Proposed Objectives

  1. Amilia Registration System
    • Final Review of Operational Suitability, Launch of Client Communications on using new system, complete staff training and then Launch system for Summer Program Registration
    • After launch, to review uses, address any outstanding operational issues and create a strategic plan that incorporates Communications Plan and Business Plan
  2. Communications
    • Develop communications plan utilizing Amilia and Constant Contact after review and analysis of options and usability of both systems
  3. Statement of Delegated Authority for Executive Director and Terms of Reference for Committee for Board Approval
    • Finalize SDA and ToR for Board approval in Spring/early Summer
  4. Finance
    • Diversify revenue streams (e.g., grants/sponsorship)
    • Develop new Budget Plan → with goals and objectives given Covid-19 operations
  5. Summer Camps/Fall After-4 Programming in Light of COVID-19
    • Review new operational protocol and procedures – conduct feasibility review of in-person programs for summer and fall.
    • Summer Camp programming → Strategic Plan and community needs assessment
    • Fall children’s programming planning, protocol, training and review
    •  Long term sustainability plan/business plan in light of new COVID-19 realities.
  6. Events
    • Community-wide event(s) and fundraisers
      1. Need for smaller-scaled events (e.g., Paddle-Day, Amazing Race)

Other Initiatives

  1. Continue to increase programming related to Environmental Stewardship
  2. Further assessment of client needs
  3. Work with Michael Jenkin and Luc Pellerin regarding Windsor Park Fieldhouse
    • Thus far, a report has been delivered on programming options for OSCA at the Fieldhouse to the Working Group in June 2020

OSCA Operations Committee Terms of Reference

OSCA Operations Committee
Terms of Reference
March 2020

The Operations committee is an oversight committee and Standing Committee of the Board.

The OSCA Operations Committee acts in an operational governing capacity for the OSCA Board of Directors, and is responsible for:

  1. Providing oversight of OSCA’s daily operational activities;
  2. Longer range business planning; and
  3. Overall operational risk reduction

For this purpose, operational activities include: program planning and execution, events, client services and standards, IT, facility maintenance, health and safety, City of Ottawa program delivery agreement and other aspects of operations that are part of the daily work of the organization. The Operational Committee’s mandate is to make recommendations to the OSCA Board on issues related to OSCA operations. The Operations Committee is not mandated to oversee financial management, external communications or human resources, but may make recommendations to the relevant authorities in these areas.

Authority for the operations of OSCA has been delegated to the Executive Director.  In this regard, the Committee’s role is to clarify the delegation of that authority, enable the ED to exercise the authority, provide advice and counsel to the ED on any operational decisions where that advice would be helpful and to otherwise support the ED.

In addition, the Committee may take on specific tasks related to programs and operations that are beyond the scope of the ED’s delegated authority, for example, the planning and execution of special community events, consultations or other special projects.

In general, the Operations Committee’s prime goal is to ensure that OSCA operations are in compliance with the strategic direction provided by the Board and with the Board-approved business plan.  The Operations Committee also has the goal of reducing the time required at Board Meetings for the discussion of operational issues. 

The Operations Committee has the following objectives:

  • Develop, recommend and maintain, in cooperation with other committees and the ED, a rolling, Board-approved, 3 and 5 year Business Plan that will assist the Board in developing and approving the annual budget and fundraising targets;
  • Develop and recommend major initiatives to the Board for inclusion in the Business Plan;
  • Execute work, as approved by the Board, on any major initiative;
  • Provide a report to the Board annually on the oversight of operations of the organization;
  • In cooperation with the ED and other Committees, provide advice to the ED and recommendations to the Board on risk reduction in relation to OSCA operations; and
  • Take on any other objective assigned by the Board.

The Operations Committee will be comprised of three members of the Board and two or more members of the Association.  Ex officio members include the ED, the Programs Director and any other members of the staff as appropriate.  In camera sessions will not include the ED or other staff.

Quorum will be a minimum of two Board members and one member of the Association. 

Meetings & Schedule:
The Operations Committee will meet once a month, reporting to the Board at the next Board meeting if required.  Typically, this will be the second Tuesday of the month.

Notes and minutes of the meetings will be kept and made available to the Board.


Authority & Decision Making:
The Operations Committee is authorized to decide on and provide advice to the ED, but should do so in consultation with other Committees, Board Members or community members where appropriate.  

The Committee’s other activities and work must be recommended to, and approved by, the Board.

The Operations Committee must work within the Board approved budget and any limits imposed by the budget on the Committee.  The ED has authority over all financial expenditures within the approved budget and must authorize Committee expenditures.

While operations are overreaching, the Operations Committee does not have the authority to communicate broadly outside the organization or Board with the community at large or with external stakeholders.  Such communications should be coordinated and approved by the Communications Committee.  This communication limitation is not intended to restrict communication between the Committee and individuals, but rather to ensure consistent branding and protection of reputation.

In the event that consensus cannot be reached on a particular decision, a vote will be taken with each Committee Member having one vote.  Votes may be cast by email if quorum at a meeting is not met.

The Committee may hold in camera meetings where the ED and OSCA staff are not present. 


The Operations committee is accountable to the Board and will report formally to the Board twice yearly, once to deliver the updated Business Plan and once on the state of Operations, and informally at regular Board meetings as required.


Date of last review: May 2020

Date of next review: March 2021


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